AICRO In-line filter (pack of 2)

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The Watts AICRO In-line water filter is commonly used and a post-filtration taste and odour filter for reverse osmosis systems. The Watts AICRO contains Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and highly effective at improving the taste and odour of water by removing chlorine, chemical disinfectants, chemical disinfectant by-products, organic materials and other parameters which create bad odours and tastes from your drinking water.

Alternatively the Watts AICRO is commonly used as a standalone filter for under-sink drinking water filter systems, as a American-style fridges filter (external type), or as a filter for boats, caravans, motor-homes, drinks machines, water coolers, ice makers and so on.

The Watts AIRCO has a filter lifespan of approximately 6 months and capacity of 6000 litres - whichever comes first.

Dimensions: Length: 10" Inches; Diameter: 2" Inches

Additional Information

Model Watts AICRO In-line filter
Brand Watts
In Depth

The Watts AICRO product specifications:
Micron: 5 Micron Rating
5 (US) GPM flow rate
Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42
Removes chlorine taste & odour from drinking water
Maximum pressure 125 PSI
Maximum temperature 100 F
Capacity: 6000 Litres or 6 months (change filter whichever comes first)
2 inches wide x 10 inches long

This in-line water filter has 1/4" female on both ends, please add additional fittings where required