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Water filter bottles for safe and clean water everywhere
Why buy bottled water when you can own a quirky, reusable water bottle that does all the filtration work for you?Water filter bottles are the newest, most innovative products on the water filtration scene. With a compact design and modern look, filtered water bottles are ideal for those on the go.It's the simplest, coolest way to filter your drinking water every day.

Water Filter Bottles

Featuring a unique water filtration system – usually contained within the lid – the water filter bottle is fun and functional, pretty and proactive. The unique and sleek design has been built with the needs of the more active water drinker in mind, and aims to keep you ahead of the game for all of your clean water drinking needs – whether at the office or running through the wilderness. Most importantly, filtered water bottles are reusable and last months before a new filter is needed, and years before the bottle needs to be replaced all together. While this might not seem like much, around 40 plastic water bottles per person are disposed of every month – causing more pollution than any other plastic product. Simply switching to a water filter bottle will not only boost your street cred and environmental conscience, it will fill your walletand create a massive positive impact on your carbon footprint.

From HydraCoach, LIFESAVER, KOR, OKO, and Brita filtered water bottles, has the best designs and leading brands to meet both your style and health needs.For clean, tasty, chlorine and chemical free water in a beautiful container, choose a water filter bottle today.


Average Daily Water Consumption:
3 bottles
Price per bottle:
45 p
Plastic pollution in 6 months
549 bottles
You could save
£ 247 in 6 months