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Puricom Proline Plus 5 Stage Non-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System

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Manufacturer : Puricom


The system can be easily DIY installed at an undersink single point of use to provide ultra pure and great tasting water by reducing (or effectively removing) chlorine, fluoride, lead, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, bacteria and toxins. You can save considerable money on expensive bottled water as systems such as these are used to purify own branded supermarket bottled water on an industrial scale.

With easy DIY installation and low maintenance costs, the Puricom Proline Plus 5 Stage None-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System is a top quality but high affordable 5-stage system (consisting of 5 μm filtration, GAC carbon, Carbon block, RO membrane and post-carbon filters). The system comes with a complete installation kit, high quality dispensing tap with ceramic valve and the Greenfilter membrane.

This quality 5 Stage None-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System Water Filter is suitable for the home or workplace (particularly dental practices). This is the highest quality CE certified and NSF Certified components 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter System available for your home or workplace. The system is ideal for those wanting nothing but the highest quality water possible.

After installation of the Puricom Proline Plus 5 Stage None-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System, you will notice an immediate difference to the quality and taste of your water and improved clarity and taste of teas and coffees plus zero limescale in your kettle. You can even use the system for making ice cubes, cooking food and even washing your windows (as the water leaves no smear whatsoever).

Features & Benefits

  • None pumped five stage treatment for superior performance and purity
  • The system can produce 190 litres per day and automatically shuts off when the tank is full.
  • Designer chrome faucet with ceramic disc for greater durability
  • High quality fittings throughout for optimum security.
  • CE certified for electrical safety
  • Components certified by NSF

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Adding the Remineraliser and Alkaline Filter

We recommend adding the Ecopure Remineraliser and the Pure-Pro Alkaline Filter to your system. Adding the Pure-Pro Alkaline Filter with raise your water pH to between 8.5-9.5 by adding sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium and lasts for 3000 litres. The Ecopure Remineraliser adds trace amounts of these minerals plus a range of rare earth minerals and lasts for 2 years.

Tap options

There are a range of single dispensing taps available. The system comes with an NSF certified tap as standard but you have the option to upgrade this to a swan neck single dispensing tap or if you want an all-in-one solution, you could have a 3 way tap which connects hot, cold and filtered water in single stylish solution.

Installation is easy

All you need is a drill, spanner and a screwdriver. Watch this short video demonstrating a similar system system being installed.

Download Manual

RO Installation

Additional Information

Model Puricom Proline Plus 5 Stage Non- Pumped Reverse Osmosis System
SKU 449302
Brand Puricom
In Depth 5-stage system (5 μm filtration, GAC carbon, BLOCK carbon, membrane
and post-carbon). Installation kit, faucet with ceramic valve and Greenfilter membrane.
Steel tank with plastic coating.

Working parameters
Max. salinity 2000 ppm.
Bacteriologically potable inlet water.
Min. pressure 3 kg/cm2.
Max. pressure 6 kg/cm2.
Min. pressure 1 kg/cm2.
Max. pressure 2.5 kg/cm2.
Min. pressure 1 kg/cm2.
Max. pressure 2.5 kg/cm2.

Certification: CE Certificates, NSF Certified Components.

Provides five stage treatment with 50 GPD membrane, sediment pre-filter, carbon block pre-filter, GAC pre-filter, GAC post filter, ROPRO plastic storage tank, lowlead chrome faucet, 1/4" tubing and compression fittings.

Primary advantages:

Five stage treatment, storage tank and economical cost.
Compact and inexpensive under sink water purification system
Reverse Osmosis reduces a wide spectrum of drinking water ingredients.
Fully assembled for easy installation
Components are NSF certified
Every system is fully tested prior to shipment

Pre and post filters - Recommended change every six months for regular usage, or once a year in light usage. RO membrane change recommended based on periodic TDS rejection tests.Typical is every two years.

Components are warranted for two years from installation, excluding membrane, pre & post filters. All reverse osmosis systems are fully tested at the factory for quality assurance. Quality Control tests include flow, pressure, storage tank integrity and pressure; functional tests for shut off valves, tests of total dissolved solids for systems with factory installed membranes.

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