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Osmio Itho Dolce SS Boiling Water Tap System

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Concepts 3-in-1 taps: tap that delivers boiling, hot and cold water. Push-and–turn knob: knob on the boiling water taps that needs to be pushed and turned in order for the tap to deliver boiling water. Pressure valve: accessory to regulate the pressure of the boiler. This only comes as standard with the Close-in Hotap and the Close-in Hotap+; supplied separately for water heaters. Boiling water heater: water heater that delivers boiling water. Mixer tap: tap that delivers hot and cold water. Boiling water tap: tap that only delivers boiling water. To be installed in the sink in addition to a “normal” mixer tap. Heating time: it is possible to use all the heated water. Heating time is the time the water heater needs to reheat the water to the appropriate temperature. Energy consumption when not in use: energy consumed when the water heater is not in use.

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Model Itho Dolce SS Boiling Water Tap System
SKU 39590-1040
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In Depth Comes complete with:

Tap - Dolce SS Stainless Stell
Boiler Unit
Filter Kit

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