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Franke Kubus Chrome 3 Way Filterflow Tap

Franke Kubus Chrome 3 Way Filterflow TapFranke Kubus Chrome 3 Way Filterflow Tap
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Please note this is the tap only and you have the option to add the Franke Filter Kit or any other filter kit you desire.

The distinctive handles and styling of the Franke Kubus FilterFlow 3 Way Tap will complement many sink styles. It delivers hot, cold and filtered water in separate channels and can be purchased with the Franke Filter Kit (which using an advanced ceramic cartridge, protected by robust stainless steel filter housing) or any of our other water filter systems, including long lasting 5 year systems, top of the range reverse osmosis systems or a more budget option. If you are looking to purchase this tap with a filter kit, please be sure to add it to your order.

This Franke Filterflow 3 Way Mixer is available in Chrome and Silk Steel to complement your sink and kitchen style.

Franke Guarantee

Not only does this 3 way tap come with our Osmio standard 2 year warranty, but it also is extended by Franke to five years in the case ofthe valve mechanisms. Your Franke FilterFlow tap has been manufactured to the high standard you would expect of any Franke product. Warranty is subject to the tap being used in the UK for normal domestic use and that any maintenance instructions have been observed. 

Franke Kubus Chrome Dimensions

Adding the Hand Spray

Having a pull out hand spray is a very handy device for any home kitchen, enabling easier washing of food and cleaning with less splash back. The hand spray is only suitable for high pressure hot water systems (i.e. if you have a combi boiler). If you have a gravity fed hot water tank/cylinder system in your home, then you need to use a pump to provide sufficient pressure for the hand spray to work properly.The minimum bar pressure for FilterFlow is 1 bar hot and 1 bar cold. Maximum pressure is 5 bar. The hand spray is fitted into solid surface worktop or sink. If you want this option, simply add it to your order above.

Adding a Filter Kit

You have the option to add the Franke brand filter kit or any of our water filter systems (except for Brita) to you tap to complete the package. The Franke FilterFlow taps come with 2 flexible hoses and a 3/8" BSP Stem. If you want to connect your existing or any other water filter which has a 1/4" tube to the Franke Tap, you simply need a 3/8" to 1/4" straight union fitting (John Guest part number PI201208S) or if you are connecting it to water filter system which uses a 3/8" tubing, then you don't need any additional fittings. 

Franke Kubus Chrome Installation Instructions

Preparation - First shut off your water heating system then, with your mains stop cock closed, open the lowest hot and cold taps in the house and allow to run until the cold storage tank and pipes are empty. (The hot water storage cylinder always remains full).

Installation- First screw the threaded stud into the mixer body. Screw the flexi tails into the mixer body and fully hand tighten.After making any necessary alterations to existing pipework, pass the plinth over the tails and fit in position. The shaped up stand on the plinth will locate in the tap body and the ‘O’ringshould be placed in the recess to make a seal with the sink. When the tap is in position (with the cold side on the rightwhen viewed from the front) slide the nylon bracing plate up tothe underside of the sink together with the retaining plate, and secure by screwing the fixing nut finger tight. Check that the mixer body and plinth are correctly positionedand fully tighten fixing nut. It is recommended that 15mm x15mm compression fittings be used to connect mixer to supplypipes. Cold is connected to the right and hot on the left whenviewed from the front.

How to care for your kitchen sink mixer

To maintain the appearance of this fitting, ensure it is cleaned only using a clean, soft damp cloth. A solution of warm water and mild liquid detergent may be used where necessary, and then the fitting rinsed thoroughly. Abrasive cleaners or acidic cleaners MUST NOT BE USED under any circumstances. Avoid contact with all solvents.

Additional Information

Model Franke Kubus Chrome 3 Way Filterflow Tap - 120.0180.354
SKU 120.0180.354
Brand Franke
In Depth Technical Data
Maximum water pressure: 75 PSI (5 bar)
Maximum hot-water temperature: 70°C
Recommended hot water temperature: 65°C

Note: If these temperatures or water pressures are exceeded damage to the tap can result. A pressure reducing valve may be required to be fitted in high water pressure situations.

Article Number: 120.0180.354
Version Bi-Flow Spout
Handle Width 173 mm
Height Overall 374 mm
Height to End of Spout 247 mm
Spout reach 240 mm

The minimum bar pressure for FilterFlow is 1 bar hot and 1 bar cold. Maximum pressure is 5 bar


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