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Ecosoft 6-Stage Non-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Filter

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Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis 1-Year Bundle Pack (for 6 Stage Systems)


PurePro Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge

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Sanitisation Kit for Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis 2-Year Bundle Pack (for 6 Stage Systems)

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As a multi-stage reverse osmosis filter, the Ecosoft 6-Stage Non-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System uses six filter cartridges, each corresponding to a stage in the filtration process. The system uses three pre-filters and two post-filters, ensuring a thorough filtration and pH enhanced water.

Reverse osmosis systems are known to have a high filtration efficiency, so much so that they remove even healthy minerals from tap water, and the Ecosoft 6-stage reverse osmosis filter is no exception.

However, a novelty of this RO water filter is that it features an alkaline remineralizer filter that adds ionised magnesium, calcium and potassium back into the water to both replenish and improve the taste of RO filtered water.

We recommend purchasing the Ecosoft reverse osmosis system with alkaline filter especially if your tap water is slightly acidic. An alkaline filter will restore the perfect pH balance in the last stage of the filtration process.

Besides removing hundreds of common tap water contaminants like chlorine or heavy metals, this reverse osmosis filter has a 92-95% fluoride removal capacity, achieved without the use of activated alumina.

This non-pumped reverse osmosis system can be used in environments with an incoming pressure of at least 45 psi. If the water pressure is slightly below this threshold, we recommend opting for the pumped version of this filter -- the Ecosoft 6-Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Filter -- which comes with a booster pump designed to ensure proper pressure conditions even in low-pressure environments.

Download Ecosoft RO Manual

Stages of Filtration

This advanced filtration system removes virtually all impurities in your cooking and drinking water.

Stage 1: 5 Micron Pre-filter - A sediment Pre-filter removes sand, silt, soil and other sediment down to 5 microns. (replaced every 3-6 months)

Stage 2: 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter - A Carbon Block filter reduces chlorine taste, odour and organic compounds. (replaced every 3-6 months)

Stage 3: 1 Micron Sediment Pre-filter - The 1 micron pre-filter then takes out praticles and remaining sediment down to 1 micron. (replaced every 3-6 months)

Stage 4: Membrane - The water is forced through the Membrane for removal of pesticides, bacteria, nitrates and the remaining metals. The water is then stored in a pressure tank with a butyl liner. (replaced every 18-24 months)

Stage 5: In-line Activated Carbon Filter - When the water is turned on the butyl liner contracts and the water is pushed out though the In-line Activated Carbon filter which polishes the water removing any taste and odour from the storage tank. (replaced every 6-12 months)

Stage 6: Remineralising FIlter - Adds ionised calcium, magnesium, potassium to restore minerals lost in the filtration process (replaced every 6-12 months)

Replacing the filters

Independent quality control testing All filters, membrane and filter housings are NSF Certified.

Filtration Specifications*

ION Removal(%)
Calcium 93-98
Sodium 92-98
Magnesium 93-98
Potassium 92-96
Manganese 96-98
Iron 96-98
Aluminium 96-98
Copper 96-98
Nickel 96-98
Cadmium 93-97
Silver 93-96
Zinc 96-98
Mercury 94-97
Chloride 92-95
Ammonium 80-90
Bromide 90-95
Phosphate 95-98
Cyanide 85-98
Sulfate 96-98
Thiosulfate 96-98
Silicate 92-95
Nitrate 90-95
Borate 30-50
Fluoride 92-95
Chromate 85-95
Lead 95-98
Hardness: Calcium & Magnesium 93-97
Radioactivity 93-97
Polyphosphate 96-98
Orthophosphate 96-98
Silica 80-90
Boron 50-70

The above results represent typical removal rates based for RO to serve as a guide for you.

Features & Benefits

- Non-pumped six stage treatment for superior performance and purity

- Comes with booster pump for proper pressure requirements (suitable for low pressure environments)

- The system can produce 190 litres per day and automatically shuts off when the tank is full.

- Designer chrome faucet with ceramic disc for greater durability

- High quality fittings throughout for optimum security.

- CE certified for electrical safety

- Components certified by NSF

NSF Certified Watts 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Buy Top Quality Internationally Certified System Components

Tap options

There are a range of single dispensing taps available. The system comes with an NSF certified tap as standard but you have the option to upgrade this to a swan neck single dispensing tap or if you want an all-in-one solution, you could have a 3 way tap which connects hot, cold and filtered water in single stylish solution.

3 Way Tap Options

Additional Information

Model Ecosoft 6-Stage Non-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Filter
SKU MO 6-50М
Brand EcoSoft
Daily Deal No
In Depth Dimensions (mm) HxWXD
Tank: 410 x 270 diameter
Unit: 360 x 450 x 150

6-stage system (5 μm filtration, carbon filter, 1μm filtration, membrane, post-carbon. alkaline filter). Installation kit, faucet with ceramic valve and Filmtec Dow membrane.
Steel tank with plastic coating.

Incoming Water Pressure - minimum 45 psi - 3 bar

Certification: CE Certificates, NSF Certified Components.

Provides six stage treatment with 50 GPD membrane, sediment pre-filter, carbon block pre-filter, GAC pre-filter, GAC post filter, alkaline remineraliser, ROPRO plastic storage tank, chrome faucet, 1/4" tubing..

Primary advantages:

Six stage treatment, storage tank and economical cost.
Compact and inexpensive under sink water purification system
Reverse Osmosis reduces a wide spectrum of drinking water ingredients.
Fully assembled for easy installation
Components are NSF certified
Every system is fully tested prior to shipment

Pre and post filters - Recommended change every six months for regular usage, or once a year in light usage. RO membrane change recommended based on periodic TDS rejection tests.Typical is every two years.

Components are warranted for two years from installation, excluding membrane, pre & post filters. All reverse osmosis systems are fully tested at the factory for quality assurance. Quality Control tests include flow, pressure, storage tank integrity and pressure; functional tests for shut off valves, tests of total dissolved solids for systems with factory installed membranes.

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