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Brita Filter Taps

Looking for the best 3-way triflow kitchen tap? Brita filter taps are hands down the most popular 3-way kitchen taps on the market. Brita 3-way taps have managed to win over consumer’s hearts through their finesse, unmistakable design, advanced features, user-friendly technology and a varied line of water filter taps for every taste and budget. Whether you need a filter tap with a vintage design or one with a modern feel, our selection of Brita taps will meet every requirement.

The Brita brand is synonymous with quality and excellence, and Brita taps have paved the way for 3-way kitchen taps that are not only beautifully designed, but that also come with advanced features such as the Smart Usage LED technology that goes beyond the capabilities of classic water filter taps by allowing users to easily keep track of filter cartridge replacement times and never miss a filter replacement date. Their intuitive design coupled with enhanced functionality makes them a top choice for many homeowners around the world.

All Brita filter taps are dispatched with a P1000 filter cartridge for tap water taste and odour improvement. The Brita P1000 reduces chlorine, lime-scale and heavy metals such as lead or copper, and other contaminants that may impair the palatability and odour of tap water. A water hardness test strip is also included with Brita 3-way taps, which will help you set the filter head to a specific setting based on the hardness level tested in your tap water.

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