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BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap

BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter TapBRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap
BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter TapBRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap
Add replacement cartridges:

Brita P1000 Water Filter Cartridge Triple Pack

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Why Buy the Brita Dolce 3-Way Tap?

Replace your existing kitchen tap with the Brita Dolce 3-Way Tap and enjoy the convenience and functionality of a quality 3-way kitchen tap.

Installing an under-sink water filter should not come with the hassle of installing an extra tap on your kitchen sink only to dispense filtered water. Here’s why you should consider a Brita triflow tap instead of a regular water filter tap:


-          3-in-1 Functionality: Triflow taps like the Brita Dolce Filter Tap deliver unfiltered hot and cold water in addition to filtered cold

           water, all from a single tap system;

-          Convenience: No need to drill a hole in your kitchen sink or make any other alterations to accommodate a new filter tap, simply

           replace your regular kitchen tap with a Brita filter tap;

-          Filter Cartridge Included: The P1000 filter cartridge dispatched with the Brita Dolce triflow tap removes chlorine, lime-scale,

           lead, bad tastes and odours. The filter can be used for up to 6 months;

-          Never Miss a Filter Replacement: The Smart Usage LED technology helps you keep track of filter replacement dates by

           sounding an alarm after 90 or 180 days of usage;

-          No Risks: To avoid any risks of recontamination, filtered water is delivered through a different waterway than the one delivering

           unfiltered water;

-          Beautiful design: The Dolce 3-way tap from Brita features a modern twist on a classical kitchen tap, and features two separate

           levers: a mixer lever for unfiltered cold and hot water, and a separate lever bearing the Brita logo that dispenses filtered water.


Download the Installation Manual

Brita Dolce 3 Way Tap Installation Video

How to change the Brita P1000 Filter

Additional Information

Model BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap
SKU Dolce WD3020
Brand Brita
In Depth Simple installation — trouble-free assembly:

The Starter Set contains all the elements required for assembly and a practical wall mounting bracket for the system's filter head. As the BRITA under-counter filter works as a pressurised filtration system, it can be installed in any position, either horizontally or vertically. The cartridge fits perfectly into the space available under the sink. An additional 3/8 inch connection is required to install the 3-way dispenser, which can be created with the T-connector included in the Starter Set. 

The Starter Set also includes the electronic BRITA cartridge change indicator, which makes an acoustic sound at intervals as a reminder at the end of the maximum cartridge usage time. After activating when inserting the new cartridge, it can be fitted with a hook-and-loop tape fastener under the sink. 

Effortless cartridge replacement:

The filter cartridge can be easily replaced at the end of its maximum service life. The water filter can be depressurised through the integrated flush valve before the used cartridge is removed from the filter head. Then insert the new cartridge and activate the water filter in the same way as with the initial installation, and enjoy many more weeks of BRITA filtered water. Used filter cartridges can be recycled.

Starter Set
3-way dispenser
Separate marked lever for BRITA filtered water and 
lever for your standard hot and cold water supply
Two separate outlets for filtered and hot/cold water
Chrome-plated brass 
Certified quality: ACS, SVGW
Height: approx. 29.4 cm, depth: approx. 28.4 cm

P 1000 filter cartridge
Cartridge performance in hard water areas (up to 8.5 dH): 
1000 litres = approx. 6 months 
Cartridge performance in very hard water areas (above 8.5 dH): 
500 litres = approx. 3 months

BRITA filter head
Individual setting possible depending on water hardness
Water hardness test strip included with delivery to determine hardness
Integrated flow controller ensures optimised water jet with high water pressure.

BRITA cartridge change indicator

Sounds a beep after 90 or 180 days, depending on the water hardness setting made on the filter head, to remind you to change the cartridge.

Please note: If installing with a low pressure boiler a pressure-reducing valve may need to be fitted to the cold supply. The base ring of the tap as pictured is not a feature of the tap. There is no base ring.


Average Daily Water Consumption:
3 bottles
Price per bottle:
45 p
Plastic pollution in 6 months
549 bottles
You could save
£ 247 in 6 months