The chilled and sparkling water technology has long recognised the Zerica brand as a professional choice when it comes to water machines. Designed with the catering industry in mind, the Zerica Tivoli Top 32 SS Counter Top Chilled & Sparkling Water Machine is ideal for serving chilled and sparkling water at hotels, restaurants, music festival, bars, and any other place where you need to serve ambient, chilled or sparkling water.

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The Zerica Tivoli water machine features a modern design with a stainless steel finish cabinet, drip tray, ice bank tank, and serpentine. The Tivoli chilled and sparkling water dispenser is the result of years of experience, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

This product is not merely a water machine, but also works as a water bottling system that allows you to simultaneously assign different dispensing volumes for each nozzle, which make it possible to dispense water for three bottles or cups at the same time. This is done via the electronic volumetric filling control, which operates with maximum precision.

The Tivoli counter-top water machine also features a CO2 cylinder and filter replacement indicator, which can automatically stop dispensing water if the filters have not been replaced at their replacement due date. This feature goes to show Zerica’s commitment to safety and hygiene.

The system is not supplied with CO2 canisters. You can purchase canisters from a local CO2 supplier in sizes that meet your sparkling water dispensing needs. For example, a 6.35 kg CO2 canister will produce around 580 litres of sparkling water. Thus, if you need to be able to dispense more sparkling water than this, make sure to choose a larger CO2 canister. The CO2 canisters are easy to change, and you can do it yourself.

The FT-Line VE water filter system compatible with the Tivoli contains two inline filters with 5 μm polypropylene filtration and activated carbon that are suitable for commercial use, and in cases where taste or odour improvement and lime-scale reduction is needed. The filter unit is a reliable choice with lower upkeep costs and easy handling. Your water chiller system will be protected from the build-up of lime-scale, and your customers will enjoy room temperature, chilled, and sparkling water that tastes great.

The Zerica Tivoli Top 32 SS Counter Top Chilled & Sparkling Water Machine comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Water chiller and water bottling systems are used extensively in the catering sector, and the systems manufactured by this venerated Italian brand stand out with their versatility, durability and elegant style.