Water filtration has gone through a tremendous evolution, and today, contaminant free water is easily accessible via water filter systems that are either installed at a single point of use, like in the case of under-sink water filters, or at water’s point of entry in your home, like in the case of whole house water filters. People with small apartments or people who move a lot usually tend to gravitate towards under-sink or countertop water filters. Larger households, on the other hand, may draw more benefits from whole house water filters.

Watts Premier Triple Whole House Water Filter System 

In this article, we’ll analyse the benefits of whole house water filters and go through the main reasons why a whole house filtration system may be a better option than an under-sink water filter.

Convenience and cost-efficiency

So why should you buy a whole house water filter? As its name suggests, whole house filters will provide filtered water wherever you need it in your home – kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc. This means that once you install a whole house water filter, you’ll get the same quality filtered water at every water outlet in your house. This comes with two important benefits – convenience and reduced costs. Installing a single water filter for all your needs is more convenient and cost effective than installing separate filters for your kitchen and your bathroom. It’s also easier to maintain a single filter system. You won’t have to remember changing the filter for each of your point of use filters, and you can focus on the proper maintenance a single system.

Multi-stage filtration for better quality water

Most whole house water filtration systems include several filter cartridges in a single integrated system for enhanced filtration and performance. These filter cartridges are usually a combination of sediment filters, activated carbon filters (both carbon block and granular activated carbon), fluoride reduction filters, active ceramic filters and others. A good whole house water filter will include filters with different micron ratings (usually 1-micron and 5-micron rated filters) and will target an extensive range of impurities and contaminants without reducing flow rates in any significant way. Some filters will also have scale reduction or scale inhibiting properties.

Unlike an under-sink water filter, installing a whole house water filter may not be a task that you can carry out on your own, and you may need a professional to help you out. The filter cartridges included with such a system may also have different service lives, so you may need to pay attention to replacing them on time or else you risk compromising the quality of your filtered water. Apart from all these really minor inconveniences, whole house filtration systems are preferred by many over under-sink filters, which are limited to filtering water only at the water outlet they are installed at.