While we’re getting distracted by the many health drinks promising us better hydration, more vitality and youthful beauty, we’re forgetting the simplest way to achieve it all – drinking simple water of the right quality and in the right quantity. No amount of expensive coconut water or colourful vitamin water can come close to the health benefits offered by drinking the simplest drink of them all – pure water. Water filtration is a way to obtain pure water right from the comfort of your home.

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Why is filtered water better than tap, and why you should drink filtered water instead of bottled water?

Pure water isn’t always readily available in nature, and even when it’s sourced from mountain springs, it’s delivered to us in a plastic bottle. It stays on the shelves of supermarkets for weeks and weeks on end, losing its freshness, and, with time, its tastiness too. And while bottled water may seem better than tap water, bottled water actually has a much darker side than we immediately realise. The amount of plastic waste that the bottled water industry produces is downright worrisome. Even though many countries have recycling programmes in place to deal with the resulting waste, may plastic bottles still end up in rivers, lakes and ponds, posing a danger to aquatic creatures living in these water sources.

In the current state of affairs, is tap water a better alternative to bottled water? We argue that it is. Tap water is cheaper, it’s environmentally friendlier, and in developed countries, it’s also fairly safe to drink. We say fairly, because tap water is safe enough, but it’s certainly not the epitome of safeness. Tap water contains chlorine, chloramine, and even fluoride in some areas. While chlorine and chloramine are a necessary evil that we historically owe a lot to in terms of preventing dangerous diseases, fluoride is something we could do without. For a long time, tap water was the norm, but with time, people switched to bottled water either because of health fears associated with tap water or because of the bottled water industry’s promise that their water is the best choice in terms of hydration. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of bottled water cannot be ignored or downplayed.

Domestic water filters are seen as a solution to both of the issues raised above, and ultimately, filtered water is a simple way to create pure water that doesn’t pose any health risks and that can contribute to cutting down on the plastic waste produced by the bottled water industry. So why drink filtered water? Because it’s safe, simple, healthy, inexpensive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.