Detecting a metallic taste in your tap water may seem confusing at first, but there are several explanations and even solutions to identify and remove the problem. In most cases, getting rid of the metallic aftertaste is easier and faster than you would think!

 drinking water tap tastes metal

In order to understand the problem, we have to answer the question: what causes water to have a metallic taste? The most common reason for the metallic taste of tap water is the presence of actual metal content. For instance, metal content like iron, zinc, manganese and copper can be considered as the source of the strange metallic aftertaste. Therefore, in case you are living or working in a building with rusty city pipes or older residential pipes, these can provide the unpleasant taste as well. The metallic taste can be caused by seepage of corrosion, especially if your water source is well water. Another essential aspect which can affect the flavour of tap water is the pH (potential Hydrogen) level of your water. This pH is a numeric scale used to measure the acidity, basicity or alkaline qualities of a substance. The acid-like taste, which is similar to the metallic taste, can be a sign of low pH levels.

 Usually, after detecting the unwanted metallic taste of tap water, most people stop drinking tap water, fearing that the unusual taste is a sign of unhealthy water. But is tap water with a metallic taste unhealthy? It depends on the source. If the metallic taste is caused by contaminants such as iron or zinc, there is usually nothing to be afraid of, because these two mentioned above tend to have no harmful side effects at all. The problem starts when your water is contaminated with lead. Lead is considered very toxic; its usage in the public water system (e.g. lead pipes) was banned due to its harmful effects. So if have reason the believe that lead may be the source of the unpleasant taste of your water, it is a good idea, for your own safety and health, to have your pipes checked to make sure that no lead is contaminating your water. In addition, you can also buy a pH level test kit from most water filter web shops to measure your water’s acidity. Alternatively, you can get your tap waters tested as well. In case that your tap water still tastes strangely, it is important to report the issue to your water supplier.

What can you do to improve the taste of tap water? First of all, if the taste of your tap water bothers you, getting a high-quality water filter can put an end to all of your problems. Installing the proper water filter can improve the taste of tap water, so it will be easy to get back to drinking tap water with a fine taste! A good filter can also eradicate harmful contaminants from your water, including lead and other heavy metals, so once you identify the problem, the next step is to find the perfect water filter and say goodbye to the metallic taste of your tap water!

The following water filters can remove lead and several other contaminants that may cause bad-tasting tap water:


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