Water filtration has evolved to the point where you have an abundance of options to filter water in your kitchen, shower, bath or even in your entire house. You can choose between different filtration systems (e.g. UV purifiers, reverse osmosis) and different types of water filters (e.g. under-sink, whole house filters). Even under-sink filters have sub-types such as inline filters, which connect to your water line to filter cold water flowing through your tap. What are the benefits of an inline water filter, and why should you buy one?

inline water filter benefits

Inline water filters are excellent for smaller households, caravans, boats or holiday homes. They are a set it and forget it type of water filter that are durable and efficient at removing contaminants.

Benefits of inline water filters

No-fuss filters – homeowners love inline water filters because these filters work with their existing kitchen tap, which eliminates the costs of buying an extra tap.

High-durability – inline water filters are a bit more difficult to install than a simple counter-top or other type of under-sink water filter, which means that they are purposely built to be more durable so you won’t have to replace them so often. Some models can last for up to 12 months.

Cost-efficiency – Inline water filters are also one of the most affordable filters you can get for your home. Given that they are built to last, their don’t have high annual maintenance costs.

Versatile – the versatility of inline water filters concerns two different aspects – applicability and filter media. Inline water filters have several applications and some models like the Watts AICRO 10″ In-line filter can be used as a fridge filter, a filter in caravans, motor homes, in icemakers, water coolers, boats, etc. In terms of filter media, inline water filters usually contain a blend of activated carbon and ceramic filter spheres, which account for their efficiency in removing several types of contaminants.

High level of filtration – whether used in shower filters or in caravans, inline water filters usually have filtration capabilities beyond taste and odour removal. Some models like the Ecopure Premium Caravan Inline Water Filter are so efficient they can even remove heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria.

Do inline water filters have any drawbacks? As with anything, inline water filters do have some shortcomings as well. Compared counter-top water filters for example, to install an inline water filter, you need to have some basic plumbing skills, whereas counter-top water filters only require you to connect the filter to the tap. Another disadvantage of inline water filters is that once they reach the end of their service life they need to be replaced in full, and cannot be reused. Other types of filters only require a filter cartridge replacement.

Overall, inline water filters are a worthy investment and thanks to their high durability, cost efficiency, and outstanding filtration capabilities, some people prefer them over other types of filters.