Whole house water filtration systems are an extremely sophisticated technology that is able to provide you with safe, pure, clean water.  At this moment in time these systems are able to provide you with certified water treatment that effectively removes impurities, contaminants and minerals that can be hazardous to your health and allows you to enjoy the benefits of pure water for your family.  A whole house filtration system will meet your every lifestyle need by providing pure, filtered water to every tap and water source in your home. 

Whole house water filtration system,Ecopure PRO-II  

Provide your family with the finest in filtered water with the Ecopure PRO-II.  This system will provide you with clean and great tasting water for your entire home.  In addition your gardens, lawn, and even pool will enjoy the benefits.  The Ecopure PRO has one of the most effective filtration systems on today’s market that is effective at removing bacteria, and the filter itself is bacteriostatic, hence no bacteria, algae, or fungus can grow within the filter.  Hazardous bacteria such as E-coli, Psedomonas, and other microorganisms will be effectively removed from your water source and unable to grow in what usually is a prime environment. 

This top of the line system is highly effective and contains an advanced formulation of active-ceramics.  This patented blend means that it has four different active ceramics that treat the water in a one of a kind unique way.  You will enjoy the benefits of reduced lime scale buildup and health benefits that come from with the removal of impurities such as, chlorine, hormones, fluoride, and other toxins.  The Ecopure effectively filters out the undesirable impurities in your water, but in turn adds antioxidants and healthy minerals, creating more balanced alkaline water for home use.  Your water will be clean and pure for drinking, and you will notice cleaner dishes, reduced lime scale and healthier plants, to name a few of the many benefits.  

Other Benefits Include:

  • Healthier showers and baths
  • Life of water using appliances and household pipes extended
  • Brighter, softer clothes,
  • Healthier skin and hair

This environmentally friendly system is built to last and requires no ongoing maintenance.  You will never have to backwash the system and has two filers that can be replaced for a low cost.  The main cartridge only needs to be replaced about every 3 years.  The second filter, the sediment filter needs to be replaced about every 6 months for areas with very hard water, but can last up to 18 months.  The sediment filter will removes minerals like calcium and magnesium that can cause lime scale and this process can cause a buildup that can affect the quality of your water.  It is important that these filters are maintained properly to ensure you receive the best possible quality water for your home.

Whole house water filtration systems provide you with a piece of mind, knowing that you and your family are drinking safe, pure filtered water.  With pure water emerging from every water source in your home the benefits are endless.  Enjoy the advanced technology, most effective, and most beneficial water purification method in your home today.  Find your Ecopure system at Water Filter Shop UK. 


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