pH stands for “potential of Hydrogen” or “power of Hydrogen”, and it is a measure used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, that is, to determine its hydrogen molecule concentration. Water and soil are commonly tested for their pH level. The pH level of soil can be important for the proper development of some plants, and likewise, water pH testing is used to determine if water is fit for drinking purposes or whether it’s fit to be used in aquariums, for example.

pH water filter

What pH is drinking water?

pH value is a figure between 0 and 14. A pH value of 7 is considered neutral, anything below 7 is acidic, while anything above 7 is basic. Why is water pH important? Consuming excessively acidic water or even excessively basic water is harmful for your health. However, it’s not the pH level itself that is harmful (lemon juice has a very low pH level, yet it is not harmful), but the nature of the contaminants present in water is what determines if water is safe to drink.

If the pH of water is too low or too high, aquatic organisms in water with such pH levels will die. Water that has a pH between 6.5-8.5 is within the acceptable range, and it is fit for drinking purposes, while aquatic creatures usually need a pH level between 6.5-9.0.

pH levels in water can also affect the palatability of water. High-pH water has a silky feel and tastes much like baking soda, while low-pH water can have a metallic or bitter taste.

How is water pH tested?

There are several methods to test the pH of water. Generally, pH is measured electronically, however, litmus paper testing strips can be used as well. Electronic pH meters are preferred to testing strips due to their high accuracy. The Pure-Pro Pocket-Size PH Water Tester is a reliable, waterproof, digital pH meter. Its uncomplicated design makes it easy to use. You simply have to dip it in water and read the results that appear in just a matter of seconds on the LCD screen. Whether you need to test the pH level of your pond or aquarium, the Pure-Pro is a convenient water pH tester with multiple applications.

How to change the pH level of your tap water?

Tap water is generally considered acidic and some water filters are able to raise the pH level of tap water. For example, the PurePro Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge can be used in reverse osmosis water filter systems to raise the ph level of ro water. Other types of water filters like the PurePro RS4000 or the Ecopure Small Whole House Filter System are also able to produce pH enhanced water.