There are a lot of health claims associated with alkaline water – that it helps the body buffer acidity, that it detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system, leads to better hydration, better health and performance. But are these benefits actually true? Or is alkaline water an over-priced product that received so much praise only as a result of a good marketing ploy? While some purported benefits of alkaline water are accepted by the scientific community, other health claims don’t seem to be supported by scientific evidence.

alkaline water filter

Do you really need to alkalinise?

The idea behind drinking alkaline water is to counter the negative effects that our acidic diets have on our health. In this sense, alkaline water is supposed to balance the pH in our body. Those who oppose alkaline water argue that there is no need to alkalize your body as your body does a perfectly good job maintaining appropriate pH levels in each organ system, and that pH level problems in your body should be addressed by determining the underlying cause rather than consuming alkaline water.

Some categories, however, may benefit from alkaline ionised water. For example, ionised water has been found to lower glycation levels and reduce liver damage in rats with precarious blood sugar control. Higher glycation level issues are associated with diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Whether these findings also apply to humans is yet to be determined by scientists.

Possible benefits of alkaline water

Thanks to the minerals present is alkaline water, athletes practicing endurance sports or performing strenuous physical activities may find that alkalinising can help increase their endurance. Minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium present in alkaline water can decreased cardio-respiratory stress as well as blood lactate responses. This leads to an improved power output in these categories of people. Likewise, alkaline water’s mineral content can also improve fluid retention in the cardio-vascular system, which again can benefit active people as their overall hydration status will be better.

Another benefit of alkaline water, that seems to pass the scientific tests, is its capability to protect your gut from dangerous microorganisms due to negative oxidation-reduction potential that leads to the disinfection properties of alkaline ionised water.

Reverse osmosis filters and alkaline water

Alkaline water generation has an important role in reverse osmosis filtration. Reverse osmosis water is acidic, which affects the taste of this type of filtered water, making it less appealing to consumers. Because the whole idea of filtered water is to be fit for consumption in all aspects, alkaline water filter cartridges are used to enhance the pH of reverse osmosis water and to improve its taste so it meets the palatability requirements of consumers. Moreover, reverse osmosis water is also lacking in minerals, which can easily be restored with the help of a remineraliser filter. Best-in-class reverse osmosis filters like the Pure-Pro Quick Change 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System or the Ecosoft 6-Stage Non-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System come with an alkaline filter cartridge for these very reasons.