Usually, water filters come equipped with water filter cartridges that have specific contaminant removal capabilities. Watts Water Technologies have created an inline water filter housing that lets you choose the filter cartridge you need. This means that you have complete control over the level of filtration you want to achieve by choosing the filter cartridge that can best deliver it.

water filter housing and kit

What are the best features of the Watts EZFITPRO-100 Housing and Kit, and who and why should use it?


  • Inline filter: this Watts filter housing is installed inline, at a single point of use allowing you to continue using your existing kitchen tap and removing the need for a separate standard filter tap or 3-way kitchen tap;
  • Customisability: the EZFITPRO-100 works with any 2.5 x 10 Inch filter cartridge, thus, you can upgrade the filter at any time should the levels or types of contaminants in your tap water change. Whether you need a coconut shell carbon block filter for chlorine, THM removal and taste improvement, or you need a fluoride reduction filter, you can use this housing with any 2.5 x 10 Inch cartridge to get the best quality filtered water. Under the Products menu, you can find several types of filter cartridges with different micron ratings;
  • NSF certified filter housing and 15 mm John Guest push fitting for easy and quick connection to 15 mm pipes;
  • Affordability: The low price of the filter housing and the affordability of the Watts filter cartridges make it possible to create your own water filter that is tailored to your particular filtration needs or experiment with different types of filter cartridges to see which delivers the best results in terms of water purity, taste and odour;
  • Polypropylene construction – means resistance to the aggressive action of a variety of chemicals.

Who should use the EZFITPRO-100?

Those who are looking to reduce chlorine levels, THMs, turbidity, dirt, sediments, etc. in their tap water or need a more focused kind of filtration (e.g. fluoride reduction or phosphate reduction) can use this filter to target both common and more difficult to remove type of contaminants.

This filter housing, coupled with the right filter cartridge can provide a high level of filtration without the hassle of installing a new filter tap, therefore, reducing costs and installation times.

This filter kit allows you to create your own water filter at a budget price. You can pair it with the Watts 2.5 x 10 Inch GAC10N Granular Activated Carbon Filter to remove chlorine, THMs, dirt, turbidity, and sediments from your tap water.


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