Just like humans, plants rely heavily on water and the quality of water is essential for their healthy growth and development. If you are a serious gardener, you probably know by now that any water will just not do. Plants create a healthy environment in our homes and gardens, provide us with oxygen and clear the air from toxins, so it is understandable that they too are picky about water. Whether you are using tap water or water from a well or other natural source, your plants or crops may be exposed to several factors that are either related to the effects of possible pollutants contained by water or to the quality of the water that you are using. Using a water filter can solve many of these issues and your plants will surely be grateful for it!

water filter for plants

Plants are not fond of chlorine, which is present in most municipal water supplies, even though chlorine is a gas that can easily evaporate from water if left to “breathe”. Even if you use water from a well, the water may still be „hard”, that is, it’s high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur or iron, which can lead to nutrient lock-up in your plants, which in turn leads to the inability of your plants to absorb nutrients. A simple solution to treating hard water is to use an activated carbon filter.

In days when pollution was not this rampant, the use of collected rainwater in the irrigation process of crops did not pose any issues. In some regions, however, rainwater is overly acidic and can no longer be considered pure in the real sense of the word. Because we don’t use unfiltered rainwater for human consumption, it is probably best not to use it on our plants without pre-filtering, especially in heavily polluted areas.

If you are in doubt about the quality of the water you have access to, you can consult the water reports of your water company or municipality. You can even order affordable and quick test kits online to determine the quality of your water, and the type of system that would be the most beneficial to your garden.

If you have already invested in a water filter for your home, you are probably aware of all its benefits for your health. Investing in a water filter for your garden hose or irrigation system will provide your plants the same benefits that you are already enjoying now. Your green gardens and lush plants will only add to these benefits.

Your plants or crops most certainly deserve the best water, because pure water is essential to both their and our healthy growth. So remember: the purer the water, the greener the plants!