Water Filter Taps

Water filter taps are a special kind of tap designed for the dispensing of filtered water. Depending on their type – single dispensing water filter taps or 3-way kitchen taps – water filter taps are installed either next to your existing kitchen tap or they replace your existing kitchen tap.

These water filter taps are unique to under-sink water filters, which require an additional tap for filtered water or separate waterways to avoid mixing unfiltered tap water with filtered water.

In this article, we’ll present both types of water filter taps highlighting the features, benefits and drawbacks of each as well as some tips on how to find the best water filter tap for you.

Types & Features of Water Filter Taps

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, filter taps have two main types – single dispensing and 3-way kitchen taps.

Single dispensing water filter taps are the classic model you’ve probably seen in most homes that have an under-sink water filter installed. 3-way taps are advanced models that offer a 3 in 1 solution to having filtered cold water, unfiltered hot and cold water dispensed from a single tap.

Standard Single Dispensing Water Filter Taps

Standard water filter taps work exactly like regular taps, except they only dispense filtered water. Usually, these taps are smaller and more discreet than regular kitchen taps and feature a single handle to dispense filtered water.

Some under-sink water filters include these types of taps for free with their products, thus, you don’t even have to purchase one separately.

A major disadvantage of these taps is that they are somewhat difficult to install. Because you have to install these taps next to your existing kitchen tap, you must drill another whole in your kitchen sink to accommodate the new tap. However, as we will see in the pros and cons comparison below, there are some major benefits to having a classic water filter tap.


  • Highly affordable: standard water filter taps are very cheap and sometimes even included for free with some water filter kits;
  • Compatible with all under-sink water filters: regardless of brand or model, most classic water filter taps are compatible with any under-sink filter;
  • Helpful in avoiding confusion: since 3-way taps feature more than one handle, it can be confusing to remember which is which, especially for small children and the elderly. Single dispensing taps are equipped with only one handle, thus, the risk of confusing the two taps is minimised or eliminated altogether;


  • Somewhat difficult to install: if drilling a new whole in your sink sounds like something you’d rather avoid, then a standard water filter tap is not for you;
  • Aesthetically not pleasing: having two taps on one sink, even if one of them is smaller in size, may compromise the aesthetics of your kitchen sink.

3-way Kitchen Taps

Triflow taps or 3-way taps pack more functionality and convenience than classic water filter taps. These taps allow you to have both filtered and unfiltered water flowing from the same tap, without having to install an additional tap on your kitchen sink. If you don’t want to have a two-tap system, upgrading to a 3-way kitchen tap is your best solution.


  • Ultimate convenience: 3-way kitchen taps are the perfect solution if you want a single tap system to handle all your water consumption needs;
  • Advanced functionality: 3-way kitchen taps come with advanced features like LED alert system notifying you when you need to replace filters;
  • No need for a separate tap: if your kitchen sink is too expensive to drill a hole in it or you just don’t like the idea of having two taps on your kitchen sink, triflow taps are ideal for you;
  • Easy to install, just like regular taps: triflow taps are installed in lieu of your existing tap, and they are just as easy to install as regular taps;
  • Plenty of design options to match your kitchen’s décor: 3-way kitchen taps are available in a multitude of designs to perfectly complement your kitchen’s style.


  • More expensive than regular water filter taps: boasting unmatched design options and advanced functionality, 3-way kitchen taps are more expensive than regular water filter taps.
  • Some compatibility issues: unlike classic filter taps, which are compatible with almost any under-sink water filter system, some 3-way kitchen taps are only compatible with filter systems of the same brand as the tap. For example, Brita’s 3-way taps are only compatible with Brita filters.

If you simply don’t want to part ways with your existing kitchen tap, but you don’t want to have two taps on one sink either, we recommend installing an inline water filter system, which filters all the cold water that flows through your kitchen tap, thus, allowing you to keep your existing tap.

Finding the Best Water Filter Tap

The best water filter tap is not the most expensive or the most full-featured tap you can find, but it’s the one that matches your requirements. Whether that’s a 3-way triflow kitchen tap or a regular water filter tap, there are some things you need to consider before you decide to install one or the other:


The most important aspect is probably compatibility between your tap and your water filter system. If your water filter kit already includes a filter tap, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. If, however, you’re purchasing them separately, you need to make sure they are a match.

You also need to think about compatibility on the long run, especially when you’re purchasing a 3-way kitchen tap. Simple single-dispensing taps are cheap to replace if needed, but 3-way kitchen taps are more expensive. Thus, if you later plan on upgrading your water filter system, but your tap is only compatible with a certain brand, you’re limited to the filters manufactured by that particular brand.

Metal-free options

Metal-free taps don’t have brass components that can contain tiny traces of lead, instead metal-free tap contain non-leaching high-grade polypropylene water pathways, thus, eliminating any risk of contamination.

Clear marking for filtered water handle

This point applies to 3-way kitchen taps only, which could feature two levers – one for filtered water and one mixer lever for hot and cold unfiltered water – or three levers, one for each type of water the tap dispenses.

The lever for filtered water should be clearly marked to avoid confusion, especially in a household with smaller children or older people. Most 3-way kitchen taps are designed to signal which lever will dispense filtered water. For example, Brita filter taps feature the Brita logo on the filtered water handle, other brands design the lever to be smaller than the rest or place it separately from the other levers.

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Premium 3-way Kitchen Taps: Brita Filter Taps & Franke FilterFlow Taps

Brita filter taps and Franke FilterFlow taps are two of the most stylishly designed and full-featured 3-way kitchen taps. Each tap has its own special features that make them a superior choice compared to other filter taps on the market. Some Brita taps like the BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap, for example, feature a Smart usage LED that alerts users when they need to replace filter cartridges.

While Brita Filter Taps are only compatible with Brita filter systems and are dispatched with a filter system, Franke FilterFlow Taps are designed to be compatible with any under-sink water filter system. However, Franke filter kits do not contain a filter system, thus, you must purchase one separately.

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As you can see, even premium filter taps have their own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to evaluate your requirements and buy a filter tap accordingly.

3-way kitchen taps don’t have to be expensive to make it to the top of your list. In fact, there are many unbranded 3-way kitchen taps of superior quality that can be suitable for anyone looking for a budget-friendly triflow tap that is compatible across all under-sink water filters.


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