Water Filter Kits

Sometimes finding the right filter to go with the right kitchen tap can be a daunting task. There are compatibility issues, filter performance, water filter tap functionality, space and aesthetics to consider. Water filter kits are an all-in-one solution that ease the process of finding the right under-sink water filter for your kitchen.

There are various filter kits available on the market, the most complex ones being those that contain all that’s necessary for a complete filter system for your kitchen: filter housing with filter cartridge, water filter taps and all tools or parts needed for installation including a DIY installation guide.

Water filter kits have several benefits – some financial, some practical – over having to buy filters and taps separately. We will go into the details of why water filter kits may be a good solution to filtering tap water in your kitchen, and what are the potential downsides of buying a water filter kit instead of choosing and buying each item separately.

Advantages of Water Filter Kits

Depending on branding and model, some water filter kits may include a standard, single dispensing water filter tap or an advanced 3-way triflow kitchen tap. Of course, in your search for water filter kits, you will find kits that don’t include any taps, but in this article, we’re focusing on the advantages of water filter kits that come with a tap as well:

  • All-in-one solution: Except for inline water filters, all under-sink water filters work with a different tap than the regular kitchen tap you’re using in your kitchen. Some water filter kits come with a free standard water filter tap, other filter kits include a 3-way kitchen tap;
  • Compatibility issues resolved: If you buy a water filter kit, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The tap and the water filter system are compatible with each other, and non-branded taps or non-branded filters are usually compatible across all types of taps and filter cartridges of the same size, which brings us to the next point:
  • Upgradability: the fact that unbranded filters are usually compatible with other water filter cartridges of the same size is that you can upgrade your filters at any time should a more advanced filter appear on the market. This allows you to customize the level of filtration that you want, without replacing the entire filter system;
  • Reduced costs: When filter kits come with a water filter tap for free, you no longer have to spend time and money on finding a tap for your under-sink water filter. If the kit comes with an advanced water filter tap, the overall product may be cheaper than buying each item separately;
  • Easy installation & Filter replacement: most of these water filter kits feature DIY installation, which means that they are easy enough to install and maintain that you can do it yourself and you don’t need to call a plumber;
  • Compact models: compactness is an advantage for most under-sink water filters, which are designed to fit even smaller kitchens.

No doubt, water filter kits have many benefits lined up in their favour, but how about their disadvantages? Let’s see the caveats of water filter kits:

Disadvantages of Water Filter Kits

  • Basic filters: for the most part, water filter kits feature single-stage filters that deal with the most common contaminants lurking in your tap water such as chlorine, VOCs, a range of industrial chemicals and solvents, pesticides, taste and odour altering contaminants, prevent lime-scale formation, and remove heavy metals. Advanced filtration capabilities can be acquired (see Upgradability section above);
  • Warranty periods may be different for each item: items in the filter kit may be covered by different warranty periods (e.g. the warranty for the water filter tap may be 3 years, the warranty for the filtration system may only be 2 years).

Water filter kits are a simple and straightforward way to improve the quality of your tap water in your kitchen, enjoy better tasting meals, and protect your kitchen appliances (e.g. coffee maker, kettle) from lime-scale deposits.

Things to Consider When Buying a Water Filter Kit

To help you find the best water filter kit for you, here are some things that you should consider when buying one for your kitchen:

  • Desired water quality: before you buy any filter, it’s important to decide what types and levels of contaminants need to be removed from your water. The best course of action is to test your water for contaminants and choose a filter that can remove or significantly reduce the levels of those contaminants;
  • Filter tap: Filter taps come in two types – standard filter taps that sit alongside your existing kitchen tap and 3-way kitchen taps that replace your existing kitchen tap. The difference between these two taps lies in their functionality – 3-way kitchen taps dispense filtered cold water and unfiltered hot/cold water from a single tap via different internal pathways, while standard filter taps dispense cold filtered water only. Also, standard filter taps are more difficult to install than 3-way kitchen taps;
  • Upgradability: some branded filter kits may not allow you to use your filter system with other brand’s filter cartridges, and if advanced filters are not available from the manufacturer or your filter, you’ll be stuck using the same filter system or you’ll have to replace it with a different system.

Best Water Filter Kits at WaterFilterShop.co.uk

WaterFilterShop.co.uk provides a range of filter kits with 3-way taps to address the most common tap water contaminants. Here are our top picks:

Osmio Alba Chrome 3-Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit

This filter kit features a stylishly designed chrome tap with a mixer handle for hot/cold unfiltered water and a smaller handle for filtered water. Filtered water is delivered through an independent line to avoid mixing with unfiltered water.

The filter system dispatched with this kit contains a 5 micron 2.5″ x 10″ coconut shell carbon block filter that reduces chlorine as well as water taste and odour altering substances. The filter cartridge is wrapped in an outer polypropylene layer that prevents premature clogging, thus, extending the life of the filter.

Osmio Kensington 3 Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit

The Kensington 3-way tap featured in this filter kit is a beautiful triflow tap with a solid brass construction and two dual-cross levers for hot and cold water. The tap comes with a 3-year warranty, and it dispenses filtered water via a third central lever. Also, the Kensington is constructed in a way to make sure that unfiltered water doesn’t mix with filtered water in the internal waterways of the tap.

The filter system dispatched with this tap is a Spectrum carbon block filter that reduces chlorine, chemicals, VOCs, and reduces strange tastes and odours, ensuring that your water is healthy and pure.

Osmio Chiara Chrome 3-Way Tap Ultra-Soft Filter Kit

The Chiara 3-way tap oozes elegance and finesse, perfectly complementing any chrome sink. It’s a simple tap that will look good in any kitchen. Separate water paths within the tap system ensure that once your water is filtered, it can no longer be re-contaminated by unfiltered tap water.

The Chiara features two handles, one of which is a mixer handle for hot and cold water, while the other handle is for dispensing filtered water.

The filter system included in this kit features a Watts 2.5 x 10 GAC/Phosphate & De-Alk Filter, which contains granular activated carbon (GAC), Phospate and De-Alk resin. The filter is designed to remove chlorine, heavy metals (lead in particular), and it will also prevent limescale formation, which is a great advantage in areas with hard water problems.

All these filter kits feature a single-stage filtration system designed to target the most common tap water contaminants. Should you want a more advanced level of filtration, you can choose any filter compatible filter cartridge capable of targeting the specific contaminants that you need to eliminate from your tap water.

The filter kits reviewed above are suitable for point of use filtration. Whole house filters don’t require an additional tap or specialised taps for filtered water since they filter all the water that enters your home. Similarly, inline filters, even though they are point-of-use filters like under-sink filters, they don’t need you to change your tap or install a second tap. Thus, filter kits with 3-way taps or standard filter taps are specific for traditional under-sink water filter systems.

Water Filter Kits Conclusion

Water filter kits that include a 3-way or standard water filter tap are a simple solution to filtering water in your kitchen. They save you time on finding a filter tap compatible with your system, they are easy to install, and depending on the filter cartridge within the filter system, they can help you remove the most common and dangerous contaminants.

Filter kits with 3-way taps are the easiest way to get filtered water on tap and the filter system that come with it save you space by staying hidden under the kitchen sink.

Check out our other filter kits with 3-way kitchen taps:


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