As a business owner, part of creating a pleasant working environment for your employees is making sure they have easy access to fresh drinking water.

Whether you need ice cold drinking water or hot water, a professional water cooler is the best solution to add to the comfort level of your workplace. However, many business owners are confused when it comes to choosing the right water dispenser.

In this article, we are going to help you make this decision by giving you answers on the most common and frequently asked questions about water coolers.

Let’s see which water dispenser is best for your business.

What is a Water Cooler?

Water coolers or water dispensers are machines that dispense water; they provide cool and hot water. Some water dispensers can even filter water via a built-in filter system.

These systems can provide filtered drinking water straight from the municipal water supply once they’re connected to the mains water feed.

Multi-purpose water coolers are mainly used in offices and commercial places. Installing a water dispenser is highly preferable in offices thanks to their simplicity of providing nonstop access to water.

This is a convenient way to have fresh drinking water in the office without making employees waste essential time or taking unnecessary breaks from their schedule.

Moreover, buying a water cooler is a more environmentally friendly action than constantly purchasing bottled water.

Let’s look at the three main types of water dispensers on the market and what you should know about them:

Countertop Water Coolers

Countertop water coolers are one of the most popular choices when it comes to buying a water dispenser. They have many advantages compared to other water coolers that make this machine a perfect choice for business owners.

Let’s look at the advantages you can expect to enjoy when installing a countertop water cooler in your office:

  • They are easy-to-move: Countertop water coolers are a great choice for those who prefer a movable water dispenser. Thanks to their mobility, these type of water coolers can be put anywhere you need them to be. You can put them in the kitchen or wherever you want them in an open office without any trouble. In case you organize a conference or a longer meeting, don’t worry, just move the cooler to the meeting room. No one will have to feel uncomfortable for leaving the room just to get some fresh water.
  • You can save space: Not every office has a lot of extra space left, most offices are crowded and there’s simply no more room left on the floor for a water cooler machine. Not a problem! Buying a countertop water cooler is the most suitable way to save valuable space in the office. Don’t hide the water dispenser in a dark corner that no one walks by, place it on a desk or on a kitchen counter instead, and make sure everyone can find and reach it easily.
  • No need to compromise on quality and capacity: Choosing a water cooler that works so easily does not mean that you should expect less when it comes to quality and capacity. Countertop water coolers are just as good as other water dispensers.
  • Modern aspect fitting the workplace: These water coolers look absolutely gorgeous; you have the option to choose the colours of the counter water cooler you purchase. Make a quick research to see what your options are and which one best fits your office space.

A great example of a premium countertop water cooler is the Borg & Overstörm DC728H Elite, which offers a real Scandinavian feel and a wide range of water cooling and heating options.

This machine cools water at temperatures between 7°C and 11°C and dispenses hot water at between 87°C and 90°C. Thanks to the in-built touchscreen thermostat, you can easily control the water temperature.

Floor-Standing Water Coolers

Floor-standing water coolers are also a great solution for commercial places and business offices. Many business owners choose this type of water dispenser, because the capacity of these coolers can easily provide fresh water at high volumes, catering to busy offices.

These dispensers can be bottle-fed or mains-fed. Bottle-fed floor-standing water coolers feature a reusable bottle on the top which you can change or refill once it’s empty. They have a pleasant aspect which fits every office space décor; they can blend in, but at the same time they are easy to notice as well.

The only disadvantage of floor-standing water coolers is that they take up valuable floor space. In case you have a larger office, this won’t be a problem for you. But for those who work in small crowded offices, floor-standing water coolers are not the best option.

Borg & Overstörm B2 can be a great choice if you need a floor-standing water cooler for your business. With an elegant design, this water dispenser is available in silver, white and black colours. The great news is that this model can be both main-fed and bottle-fed and you can easily switch to one form or the other anytime you want.

Being cost-effective, this water dispenser will help you lower your annual expenses. At the same time, you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your water, this water cooler provides a constant supply of pure filtered water.

Mains-Fed Water Dispensers

Another type of water cooler is the mains-fed style water dispenser. Although these water coolers require more plumbing skills or an actual plumber, they are quite popular among business owners. Let’s see the most important things you should know about mains-fed water dispensers:

  • They are the plumbed-in version of water coolers. No doubt, you will need to call a plumber in order to get your water dispenser installed, but if this type of water cooler is the right one for your business, don’t hesitate to buy one.
  • You won’t have to change any bottles, ever! This water dispenser is connected to your existing water supply, so all you need to focus on is to enjoy the satisfying flow of fresh filtered water from the tap.
  • If you own a large business place with numerous employees working there, getting a mains-fed water cooler is the best choice you can make. These dispensers are designed to provide fresh water for high volume usage.
  • Compared to the other water coolers, this water dispenser has some disadvantages too. Before finalizing your purchase, you should take it into consideration that these dispensers are not movable.

Mains-fed water coolers are common as well, even in offices, and a great choice would be installing the Borg & Overström U1 Undercounter Water System. This ultramodern water cooler comes with an innovative contoured tap and under-counter unit. Thanks to the discreet design, fitting this water dispenser in your office won’t cause any headache, it will totally blend in.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you have quite a lot of options when it comes to buying a professional water cooler. Whether the countertop, floor-standing or mains-fed water dispenser is what you can imagine in your office, there are quality products on the market you can choose from.

Choose the one which meets the daily water consumption needs of your office, based on the number of employees you have.