Under-sink water filters are usually installed in kitchens, where most water is used for cooking and drinking purposes. There are as many types of point of use filters as there are tap water problems, but which under-sink water filter is ideal for your kitchen?

under sink water filter cartridge

Installing the ideal under-counter water filter for your home starts with identifying which contaminants are present in your water supply. Once you have that information, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions about the type of water filter to install in your home. While each home is different and the needs of each family vary, there are some features that you should take notice of when choosing a filter for your home:

  1. Multi-stage filter system

Since not all water supply issues are the same, not all filters are built with the same filtration capabilities. However, a multi-stage filter that combines the filtration capabilities of several filter cartridges is better than a simple filter that is only able to deal with a limited number of contaminants. While the number of the stages of filtration is not always a measure for better filtration (e.g. there are single-stage filters that combine several types of filter media within a single filter cartridge), generally, the more types of filter media an under-sink filter system contains, the more contaminants it can target.

  1. Non-proprietary filter elements

Purchasing a water filter that is compatible with any standard filter cartridge that fits into the filter’s housing can allow you to customise the level of filtration you need, which may change over time. These systems can also save you money on replacement costs, since you won’t be forced to buy expensive branded filter cartridges that are only available at the manufacturer of your filter system.

  1. Compatibility with any water filter tap

Look for a filter model that you can use with any kind of filter tap – single-dispensing or 3-way tap. 

  1. Maintenance

Find a filter that has quick-change filter cartridges or one that allows you to replace the filters without having to rely on the skills of a plumber every time you need to change the filters in your system. This will save you both time and money.

There are other factors, specific to each household and filtration need, that may come into play when searching for an under-sink filters, however, the above elements are some of the most common things you should take into account when searching for the ideal under-sink filter for your kitchen.


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