Finding the best suitable water filter system for your household can be a tricky task. For many, it might seem like an impossible mission due to the broad range of different filtration systems available on the market. 

Without any doubt, it can be a long road to find the right water treatment solution. The first thing you should do is to understand the issue you are dealing with. 

You can do this easily by getting your water tested. The result of the test will give you a whole picture on the quality of your water and it will also identify the contaminants and impurities you should focus on.

The purpose of our ultimate water filter guide is to help you understand each water filtration method products use to purify your water. In the first part of our water filter guide we discussed gravity water filters, reverse osmosis filters and UV light filtration systems. 

In this article, we are going to take a closer look on inline water filters, activated carbon filters and limescale filters. Let’s see how each work and what great qualities they rely on when removing contaminants from your drinking water:

Inline Water Filters 

Inline water filters will give you the comfort of getting a professional under-sink water filter system, yet you can keep your existing kitchen tap. Yes, with inline water filters this is all possible. 

This type of water filter can be installed on your main cold water line, making it possible to connect it right to the tap. Thanks to the push fitting feature, this water filter can be a great option for those who are looking for an easy installation water filter system.

But what are the contaminants inline water filters can efficiently remove from your water? Well, they usually rely on the powerful filtering abilities of active ceramic spheres that are able to remove a long list of contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria,THMs, hormones and other impurities as well. 

Besides their ability to remove chlorine, inline water filters also improve the taste and odour of water. At the same time, they also produce non-scaling water,  making sure that all your appliances are protected from the harmful effects of lime-scale.

As you can see, inline water filters are excellent options if you want a reliable, high-quality water filter system in your home. Let’s wrap up the best features these filter systems can offer:

  • They are easy-to-install thanks to the push fitting feature.
  • They require very little maintenance.
  • The filters are durable and powerful.
  • Thanks to the thoughtful design, apart from being used as under-sink filters, some inline water filters can have other applications as well.
  • They are versatile: some inline filters can be used in motor homes, boats, caravans, but they can also be a great addition to ice makers, water coolers or fridge filters.
  • You can also use them as filters for showers and baths.

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Feel free to do your research and learn more about inline water filters. We hope you will find the best possible solution to your water contamination issues!

Activated Carbon Water Filters 

As you could see mentioned above, activated carbon water filters are one of the most powerful filters used in the water treatment industry. 

Thanks to their great design, you can find them in many applications. They are often used in under-sink water filters as stand-alone filters or as part of a multi-stage filtration system. They are also used as pre or post filters in reverse osmosis, whole house and UV light water filters.

Activated carbon filters feature a large surface area, a highly absorbent nature and they are also known for their high porosity. When making activated carbon filters, manufacturer companies usually use natural material such as wood, coconut shell, bituminous or lignite. An excellent benefit of using coconut shells is that they are environmentally friendly, they can actually reduce organic chemicals.

To understand how powerful these filters are, let’s take a look at the contaminants they can easily remove from your water. Activated carbon filters are great options against volatile organic compounds, chlorine and its by-products, cysts, bacteria, pesticides and herbicides. Furthermore, they have the ability to remove strange water taste and odour and improve your whole water drinking experience. 

Before investing in a professional water filter system relying on activated carbon filters, there is one more thing you should understand about these filters. There are two types of carbon filters, both featuring powerful filtering abilities, but let’s see what is the difference between the two you should consider as a buyer:

  1. Granular activated carbon: Granular activated carbon filters are used when higher flow rates are needed.
  2. Carbon block filters: Carbon block filters are used when a higher contaminants ratio is desired.

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Final Thoughts

The market of professional water filter systems is a fast-developing industry, where manufacturer companies try to do their best to provide better and better solutions to water contamination issues.

As a buyer, you might be confused when making your research on water filtration systems and honestly, no one is blaming you. The endless list of contaminants, the wide range of filtering methods and various filter types can be really confusing, especially if you never had experience with water filtration systems before. 

In order to find the right and efficient water treatment solution for your problem, you first have to identify the contaminants causing the issues. 

The purpose of this ultimate water filter guide is to offer you a deeper knowledge and to help you understand each water filtration method and the purifying qualities of water filter system. 

For any questions or inquiries regarding our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our water filter experts at