When people decide to install a water filter tap in their kitchen, they usually do it for any of the following reasons: to get pure drinking water straight from the tap, to use filtered water for cooking and making tea or coffee without having to worry about chemicals interfering with the taste of their favourite dishes or beverages. When it comes to triflow kitchen taps or 3-way taps, the possibilities are virtually endless. While you may be prompted to choose a triflow tap based solely on its finish and design, there are other aspects to consider as well.

3 way kitchen tap, thriflow

This article will give you some pointers on how to choose a triflow tap for your kitchen, and what are the things you should absolutely consider before purchasing a triflow tap.

DIY installation

Apart from the superior functionality boasted by 3-way kitchen taps as opposed to single-dispensing filter taps, the ease of installation of triflow taps is another reason why homeowners choose triflow taps over traditional filter taps. But not all triflow taps are easy to install, thus, if you don’t want to deal with additional plumbing and installation costs, look into the installation requirements of your prospective filter tap. Some 3-way kitchen tap brands like Brita may even offer free installation services.

Pressure requirements

If you have a low-pressure water system, check the pressure requirements of the tap you want to buy. Not all triflow taps work well in low-pressure environments, so choose one that does.

Filter cartridge integration and water filter compatibility

Some water filter tap brands are only compatible with a certain type of filter cartridge or under-sink drinking water system. For example, some Brita kitchen taps are only compatible with the Brita P1000 filter cartridge. If you’re thinking of buying a triflow tap that is only compatible with a cartridge of a specific brand, you need to look into the filtration capabilities of this cartridge. Is it able to target the specific contaminants present in you tap water? If not, you need to find a triflow tap that can be used with any under-sink water filter system. Thus, you’ll have the guarantee that you can upgrade the filter as your needs change over time.

Design and functionality

There is certainly no shortage of tap shapes and finish. You can choose any finish from chrome to stainless steel, from L-shape taps to swan-shaped taps. Whichever your kitchen’s design and preferences, you’ll surely find the triflow tap that will nicely complement your kitchen.


It’s natural that kitchen taps come highly recommended by their manufacturers, but what do former customers say about a specific brand or model? Do some research to see whether the tap you’re considering for your kitchen lives up to your expectations.


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