With every new year, new water filter systems hit the market, offering water purification solutions for a variety of needs.

In 2019, the industry trends are focused on usability, high contaminant removal rate, and variety. Filters have also become more affordable and many feature easy DIY installation.

Water filter kits that include the filter system and a filter tap are an extremely popular choice in the point-of-use filtration category and so are stand-alone filters that don’t require plumbing and can be operated even without electricity.

To get you up to speed with the best filters in 2019, we’ve compiled a list of the best filtration solutions the industry has to offer, so you can make an informed decision about the filter you’re going to install in your home.

Let’s see the top filters for this year:

1.  Water Filter Kits

Water filter kits are an excellent way to save money on filters and filter taps. These kits usually contain the filter system that does the filtration work and a standard or a more advanced filter tap.

This saves you the trouble of having to find a compatible filter faucet and offers all the elements needed to install a filter system in your kitchen.

On our website, you will find the following types of filter kits:

  • Filter kits with 3-way taps
  • Filter kits with standard filter taps

Our filter kits that ship with 3-way taps offer two types of filter cartridges — Ultra Pure Cartridges and Ultra Soft Cartridges.

The Ultra Pure kit category targets chlorine, VOCs, solvents, pesticides, industrial chemicals and solvents, solving taste and odour issues as well. Filters in this category use a high-efficiency carbon block cartridge.

Our best-selling Ultra Pure 3-Way Tap Filter Kits are:


The Ultra Soft kit category deals with all of these issues but also targets heavy metals and inhibits limescale formation. Filters in this category use granular activated carbon in combination with Phosphate and De-alk resin.

We recommend the Ultra Pure filter kits for households in areas with soft water, while the Ultra Soft filter kit is better suited for households with access to hard water.

All filter kits in this category are shipped with a high-quality 3-way tap that simplifies installation and offers great functionality.

The 3-way kitchen faucet replaces your old kitchen tap, taking over its function and allowing you to dispense filtered water without having to install a dedicated filter tap.

If you’re looking for a kitchen filter system, these filter kits are an easy and practical solution to you drinking and cooking water needs.

If you don’t like the idea of replacing your existing tap and you prefer adding a dedicated filter tap, we have solutions for you too.

Our standard undersink water filter kits that dispatch with a classic filtered water faucet are an affordable alternative to our Ultra Pure and Ultra Soft kits.

The filter cartridge in the standard filter kit removes chlorine, chemical disinfection by-products, industrial solvents, pesticides, sediments, and taste and odours.

If you don’t like the idea of a plumbed-in filter system, the following filter category will surely be to your taste.


2.  Stand-Alone Filters

Stand-alone water purifiers have always been popular.

Filter pitchers and jugs have offered great-tasting water for millions of households worldwide, but now more advanced systems may become the standard water filtration units in many households.

So, move over water filter pitchers! There’s a new kid in town that blows all water filter pitchers out of the water: Countertop reverse osmosis filters.

Our Osmio Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System is an installation-free, portable RO system that only requires assembly and an electrical socket nearby.

It contains 4 different filters — sediment filter, RO membrane, carbon filter and antibacterial filter — that are easy to remove and replace. These filters offer a thorough filtration that’s akin to the filtration offered by plumbed-in reverse osmosis systems.

The zero-installation RO system from Osmio is available in a light metallic colour and dark black. Besides filtering water, it also dispenses hot and boiling hot water, rendering your old-fashioned kettle useless.

Another type of filter that’s become popular especially among travellers and hikers are gravity water filters, which operate completely independent of electricity or municipal water supplies.

This means that they can be used even in areas with no running water and no electricity.


3.  Direct Flow RO Systems

Just like countertop RO systems, direct flow reverse osmosis systems are also a novelty in water filtration.

Doing away with the traditional RO systems that require reverse osmosis tanks, direct flow systems are all about fresh water delivered instantly.

To satisfy demands for the newest technology in reverse osmosis filtration, we bring you the BMB-30 NOVA PRO Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis system.

This BMB model is a 9-stage system that delivers reverse osmosis water instantly whenever you turn on your kitchen faucet.

It uses antibacterial filters, two reverse osmosis membranes and various water taste and quality optimising cartridges (alkaline, detox, oxygen cartridges) to deliver perfectly balanced and contaminant-free drinking water.

The system tracks water temperature and filter lifetime to keep you updated about future replacements and water quality.

If you’re looking for a smart filter system for your kitchen, but don’t want any bulky hardware and long waiting times, the BMB Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System is certainly something you should check out.


What Can You Expect from Water Filters in 2019?

If you’re researching water filters in 2019, you might be taken aback by the sheer number of options available.

There’s literally a filter for every need and every water usage case, therefore, you shouldn’t settle on less than what’s perfect for your households needs.

With the diversification of filter systems, the costs of purchasing and maintaining these systems have also dropped.

Before you purchase a water filter, make sure to have your water tested, since not all filters are made the same and not all filters can target the same types of water contaminants.

Also, consider your daily drinking water needs, so you can size your filter accordingly.