Shower filters are becoming more and more popular water treatment options you can find mostly in domestic households. If you wonder why shower filters are important and why you should install one in your home, just think of the broad range of different contaminants and impurities existing in the water. Not only contaminants, but disinfectant agents can also have an impact on the quality of the water you use for different purposes, showering included.

Bacteria, germs, a wide range of harsh chemicals, but also water chlorination and a long list of dangerous contaminants can occur in water. If not treated, these issues can lead to unpleasant physical conditions or even serious health problems, too.

Bathing or showering in unfiltered, contaminated or chlorinated water can easily affect the structure and colour of your hair, damage your skin and cause such skin problems as eczema. Unfortunately, it can also be the reason behind such hazardous diseases as bowel and colon cancer. 

How can this happen? Simple: when you bathe or shower, the warm water helps the bacteria and chemicals vaporize, while also allows your pores to open. This way it is easy to inhale and absorb harmful particles of unfiltered water. 

Luckily, industry-leading manufacturing companies offer a large selection of high-quality, very reliable shower filters you can trust. 

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at the 5 most important advantages of shower filters that make these water treatment options so popular! Without further ado, let’s see how they can improve your health and give you peace of mind:

#1 Protects your health from harsh chemicals

Once you install a professional shower filter in your bathroom, you no longer have to be worried about dangerous contaminants affecting your health. These filters eliminate contaminants and impurities from water, protecting you from inhaling harmful particles in your lungs or absorbing dangerous contaminants through your pores. As we have already mentioned, shower filters not only remove contaminants, but they target disinfection byproducts, chlorination and hard water as well, giving you a more pleasant, relaxing bathing and showering experience.

#2 Healthy hair and soft skin

Dry skin and weak hair is a topic we hear about almost on a daily basis. Most people not only hear about these issues but experience them as well. Bathing or showering in unfiltered water unfortunately won’t make these problems go away, it will only make them worse. Chlorine used to disinfect water will make your hair and skin dry out by removing the natural oils. These oils are essential for the structure of your health and skin and skin. Long exposure to hard water can weaken the structure and make the colour and the shininess of your hair fade.

#3 You can smell the difference

If you are fed up smelling like a swimming pool after taking a shower, you should definitely consider installing a shower filter in your bathroom. As you start using a shower filter, the very first thing you will notice is the lack of annoying smell of chlorine. Some people are so used to the smell of chlorine that they don’t even notice, but as soon as you take the chlorine out, you will be surprised at how different your water will smell. Shower filters remove chlorine from water and thanks to this feature not only your water but your hair and skin will smell better as well. 

#4 Less skin irritations

Many people suffer from different skin irritations. These problems can really make life a nightmare and sometimes no matter what treatment or medication you use, it cannot help. Water contamination and chlorination is often the reason behind unpleasant skin issues as eczema and other irritations. Once you use filtered water for showering, you will not only be able to experience less and less skin irritations, but you can prevent new issues as well. Shower filters bring joy and relief to people with sensitive skin or to those suffering from different skin issues.

#5 Easy installation and easy maintenance

If you worry about the installation work or the maintenance shower filters require, you really shouldn’t. To install a shower filter in your bathroom, you won’t need absolutely any plumbing skills and you won’t have to call a professional plumber or pay expensive fees. The installation process usually takes only a few minutes and you can easily do it without using any tools. Same with the maintenance, it is so effortless so it won’t cause you any headaches. Most of the time you will only need to replace the filter cartridge and enjoy a relaxing bath in freshly filtered, gentle water.

This all sounds good! But what type of contaminants do shower filters remove?

As it we have already mentioned in the beginning, not contaminants not only exist in your drinking water, but they are in all water you use for different purposes in your household. Shower filters are designed to remove a large scale of harmful chemicals and contaminants from water and they protect you from absorbing or inhaling these impurities. Professional shower filters are highly efficient in targeting and filtering out bacteria, fungi, algae, debris, viruses, dangerous pathogens, chemicals, iron, lead, chloramine particles and also such pharmaceuticals as pesticides and herbicides. 

Closing Thoughts

As you could shower filters have lots of advantages that make the popular water treatment options, usually installed in bathrooms of domestic households. Thanks to their powerful filtering capacity, they protect you from a broad range of harmful chemicals and impurities, improve the smell of your water, help you keep the natural oils in your hair, prevent and reduce skin irritations and last, but not least are easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain filters.

Here, at, you can find a large selection of professional shower filters to choose from. Feel free to browse our webshop and never hesitate to get in touch without filter experts if you have any questions or inquiries. We are looking forward to helping you out with professional advice!