There are many advantages of easy installation reverse osmosis water filters, especially during this period of social distancing. These RO filters provide a reliable, high-quality help when it comes to removing harmful contaminants from your water.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look on the top 3 easy-to-install RO filters that you should consider buying if you are looking for a professional water filter system.

What are reverse osmosis water filters?

Reverse osmosis water filters are complex filtration units used in households and commercial settings. These high-capability filters are able to provide a constant supply of safe-to-drink, purified water to all the members of a larger household or of any commercial space. 

The power of reverse osmosis filters rely on the combined filtration efficiency of the pre- and post-filters that make up the RO system together with the RO membrane. 

Being pressure-based systems, certain water pressure requirements must be met in order for the perfect operation of these systems. Some RO systems rely on incoming water pressure. They feature a reverse osmosis tank, where the freshly filtered water is stored for consumption. 

RO filters are usually advanced multi-stage filtration units that can be used in the removal of a broad range of contaminants existing in water. Thanks to the advanced filtering method, they are able to remove bacteria, chemicals, chlorine, chemical disinfectant by-products, VOCs, heavy metals, minerals, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, sodium, asbestos, arsenic, and many other contaminants from water.  

The benefits of easy-to-install water filters

Investing in an easy-to-install water filter can take a lot off your shoulders. Thanks to the well-developed market, there is a wide variety of products you can choose from today. Forget the headache that comes with the installation of a professional water filter, you can absolutely do it on your own.

Here are the reasons why purchasing an easy installation water filter is the best idea ever:

  • No plumbing skills required: One of the greatest advantages of easy-to-install water filters is that you won’t have to spend time on searching for a professional plumber. During this period, especially, when due to the coronavirus pandemic many of us are practicing social distancing it is harder than ever to find a plumber. Don’t let this stop you from switching to drinking filtered water! 
  • Save money on installation: Doing the installation work by yourself can actually help you save some money as well. Another great benefit of easy installation water filter systems is that you don’t have to pay expensive fees to a plumber. So the cost of your investment will be significantly reduced.
  • Ready in a minute: Many of these filters are zero-installation, Plug and Play water filter systems which don’t require any effort. Just hit up the manual provided by the manufacturing company and get your water filter functioning in a minute or even less! Luckily, these companies producing water filter systems also provide well-detailed guides that are customer friendly and make the installation work easier than ever. 

As you can see RO filters are not only powerful water filter systems, but their easy installation feature make them a perfect choice for those who prefer dealing with the installation by themselves. Now let’s see what are the top 3 zero or easy installation reverse osmosis water filter systems that you can always rely on.

Osmio Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System

This professional reverse osmosis water filter and kettle offers extremely easy maintenance and it requires absolutely no installation. This filter is Osmio’s latest portable and countertop RO product and it is considered the world’s very first zero installation household reverse osmosis water purifier that is able to provide freshly filtered water at your fingertips.

Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System is recommended for households or commercial workplaces with up to 4 people or less. Thanks to the no-installation feature, this water filter system is the most hygienic RO filter system since it is not connected to a drain. 

To sum up the greatest qualities of this filter, here are the best features of the Osmio Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System that make this purification system truly extraordinary:

  • It is a portable water filter, a compact countertop water dispenser, you can place it anywhere.
  • Zero installation, simple plug and play method; ready to work in a second.
  • This RO filter is considered the most efficient reverse osmosis filter in the world. It is significantly purer than any traditional gravity filter or jug filter. 
  • It features the only pure water kettle on the market currently and it is 80% more energy-efficient than other kettles
  • Besides filtering cold water, this water filter system has a boiler to dispense hot and nearly boiling water instantly.
  • It uses flow monitoring in order to detect filter life; it also features an alarm and built-in fail safe to never dispense contaminated, unfiltered water. 

Osmio Fusion Reverse Osmosis System

Osmio Fusion RO System is the installed version of Osmio Zero, ideal for families with up to 5 members or even more. This advanced filter is capable of providing freshly purified cold, hot or nearly boiling water  and it requires almost no maintenance at all. 

The Osmio Fusion Reverse Osmosis System uses flow monitoring in order to detect filter life and alarm. It also features a fail safe built in to make sure that you will never dispense bad water. The filter kettle with counter-top installation  is like no other installed reverse osmosis system!

Now let’s see what are the benefits of this professional counter-top RO water filter by Osmio:

  • It is 80% more energy efficient than any other regular kettle.
  • It features a countertop installation and it offers super easy maintenance.
  • This very compact RO filter system can be plumbed in anywhere with a cold supply and waste.
  • Similar to the Osmio Zero, this filter is significantly more pure than the traditional gravity-fed and jug filters on the market. 
  • Thanks to the special ceramic heating element, the water can be purified without any heavy metal extraction!

Osmio D7 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System

The D7 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System produced by Osmio is considered one of the most technologically advanced water filtration systems in the world. Thanks to the direct flow system and thoughtful design of 5 filters, this water filter efficiently removes harmful contaminants and  provides ultra pure water. 

The filter can be placed under the kitchen counter with an additional faucet installed on the sink. The modern design features an alkaline filter as well, which returns beneficial minerals into the water and provides healthy alkaline water to consume. 

Alongside the ones mentioned, here are the other advantages of the Osmio D7 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System:

  • The filter features a Plug & Play easy installation, so you can get it functional in a second!
  • Thanks to the direct flow system, no tank is required.
  • The built-in detector constantly analyzes the quality of the water, follows up on the filter lifetime and optimizes the filtering performance.
  • Elegant and modern design with a total number of 5 filters.
  • Provides 1000 liter per day healthy drinking water for a household up to 5 members or more.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the benefits of the previously mentioned easy installation reverse osmosis water filter systems, it is clear that all three can be a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and professional water filter. All of these RO filters are based on advanced and modern technologies that can perfectly serve your needs and they will never let you down.