After doing some research on the water treatment industry, one can quickly realize that it is a complex topic with many questions to consider. In case you detected some issues with your water or you are simply ready to purchase a professional water filter system, read carefully. 

You might not be quite sure which kind of water filter system should you opt for, which one can deal with certain contaminants, how can you install them or what type of maintenance do water filters require.

In this article, we selected 10 important facts about water filtration and water filter systems. Let’s see what are these:

#1 You should get your water tested

Before purchasing any water treatment system, you should definitely get your water tested. Without understanding what you are dealing with, how could you possibly solve the problem? To test your water, you can use a water testing kit, but you can also rely on the help of your municipal water provider. In case you detect anything strange in your water like change of colour, taste or odour, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them immediately and report the issue. 

#2 There is no water filter system that can solve everything

If we have to name one fact that you need to know about water filter systems is this one. As simple as it sounds, no water filter can deal with all types of contaminants and impurities in your water. While UV filter have the great capacity to target microorganisms in your water, the truth is that they only target microorganisms and no other contaminants. So using UV systems in combination with other filtration methods may become necessary, if you deal with this type of contamination issue. Sediment filters for example only filter small particles called sediments from your water, but they cannot remove other impurities or harmful contaminants. 

#3 You don’t need professional plumbing skills

Easy installation or zero installation water filters are famous for the simplicity of the installation they require. Getting them functional usually requires little effort or no effort at all. For example, if you buy a countertop water filter, at most cases, you will only need to place your filter on your kitchen counter, connect it to a power outlet and enjoy freshly filtered water on your fingertips. These filters are great option if you prefer saving some money, as you won’t need to call a professional plumber and pay expensive fees for getting your water filter installed in your home.

#4 You might actually need plumbing skills

Without any doubt, easy installation or zero installation water filters sound wonderful, but the truth is that not all of them are so simple to install. Manufacturer companies do provide you an installation guide that help with the installation steps, but this might not be enough for everybody. So in case you are not sure how much installation work your water filter requires and how complicated the steps are, ask the filter experts in the store. It’s better to call a professional plumber with skills and make sure everything is done right, instead of giving yourself a headache unnecessarily. 

#5 You cannot skip maintenance

Once you invested in a professional water filter system, you 100% sure will need to do some level of maintenance work periodically. Either changing a light bulb in your UV filter or a filter cartridge in your whole house water filter system, there always will be something to do. The good news is that modern filtration systems can perfectly perform for 3, 6 or even 12 months without requiring any maintenance work. Some models will even remind you when it is time to change the cartridge. 

#6 You can fit in your budget

Thanks to the large selection of professional water filter systems and the wide price range, you can easily find an option that will fit your budget without needing to comprise on the performance. Many filters, such as UV water filters come with a really good price, but you can find powerful, top of the range multi-stage water filters with a great deal, as well. 

#7 Consider the real cost of your water filter

When buying a professional water filter system you will need to consider not only the purchase price you pay in the store, but the cost of maintenance as well. The real price of a filtration system is the purchase price and the annual maintenance cost. You will need to change the filter cartridges periodically, so make sure you know how much a filter cartridge costs. You can also opt for filters that are reusable, to save some money on the maintenance cost.

#8 Investment vs your future plans

When you decide to get a professional water filter installed in your home, makes sure that it is a long term investment. Some filters such as countertop filters are portable, but mos filter systems are not. This means that in case you plan to move to a different rental or buy a new house, don’t forget to consider two important things: the timing of getting a professional water filter installed in your home and the type of filter you should buy. 

If your plan is to leave your current rental in the close future, opt for a countertop or portable water filter instead of a whole house water filter system.

#9 Certain filters can improve the taste and odour of your water

As good as it sounds, there are specially designed filters that can help you to get rid of the odd taste and odour of water. Some impurities such as chlorine and other organic chemicals or sediments can have an impact on the taste and odour of your water. When you remove these from your water, your tap water will no longer be affected by the high level of these impurities.

#10 Ditch bottled water for good

Getting any type of water filter system installed in your home will help you ditch bottled water and switch to drinking filtered water from your kitchen tap. This way you can not only save money on buying litres of water every day, but you can reduce your plastic waste by a lot and live a more environmentally friendly life as well.