Water contaminants can have a severe effect on your health, so as soon as you detect dangerous impurities in your water,  it is crucial to address the issue immediately. While some contaminants have lighter impacts on our health, others can lead to serious diseases or even be fatal. 

Obviously, the best way to ensure that the water you consume daily is safe-to-drink and contaminant-free is to invest in a professional water filter system that can efficiently fight and remove unhealthy particles and contaminations from your water.

In the next articles, we are going to discuss 10 dangerous water contaminants that can put your health at great risk. To prevent any trouble, we advise you to get your water tested and notify your municipal water supplier if you detect any issue. 

Now, in the first part of the article, let’s take a look at the first 5 most dangerous water contaminants you should be aware of. Don’t forget to check the tips and trick to prevent and fight water contaminations at the end of the article!

#1 Hepatitis A

The Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is a long lasting-lasting disease that can affect your health for months. This disease is known worldwide as a liver disease that comes with symptoms such as fatigue, low appetite, stomach cramps, nausea, and jaundice.

Hepatitis A is usually spread by drinking contaminated water or consuming contaminated food, but it can also be spread through faecal-oral route person-to-person.  

The good news is that if you want to protect yourself from the disease and prevent getting infected, you have the option to get vaccinated. 

#2 E. coli

E. coli, also known as Escherichia coli, can usually be found in food, water, and the intestines of animals and people. However, in most cases, the E.coli bacteria is harmless for human health, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the possible problems it can cause. 

When getting infected with E.coli bacteria, some people develop unpleasant symptoms and get seriously sick. Just to mention some, the most common symptoms of E. coli infection are severe diarrhoea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illnesses, pneumonia or other illnesses.

#3 Legionella

Another dangerous bacteria is Legionella which is known as the main cause of Legionnaires’ disease. This disease is a serious type of lung infection, that can seriously damage the lungs. Also, Legionella can lead to Pontiac fever, which is a milder, yet not less dangerous disease. 

The main way Legionella is transmitted is by breathing in contaminated mist or drinking contaminated water. It is also important to mention, that the bacteria is not equally dangerous to every age range. While young and healthy people usually won’t get sick from Legionella, elders, smokers and people with weakened immune systems or chronic diseases are part of the high-risk category. This means that these people can develop serious symptoms and for them getting infected might even lead to their deaths. 

#4 Norovirus

Norovirus is a highly contagious microorganism that can be spread easily in multiple ways. Being a quickly spreading contaminant, you can easily get with Norovirus by having direct contact with someone that is infected. Another way to contact Norovirus is through consuming contaminated water or food. Touching contaminated surfaces, then putting your unwashed hands into your mouth is also a common way to get infected.

The two most common symptoms of Norovirus are vomiting and diarrhoea.

#5 Shigella

Shigellosis which is a very infectious disease is caused by the highly occurring bacteria named Shigella. This disease is a long-lasting sickness with severe symptoms such as diarrhoea, fever and stomach pain.   

This disease has a long-term effect after exposure, it usually takes 5 to 7 days until it resolves. Similarly to Legionella, this bacteria can affect more people with weakened immune systems that usually face increased risk and a long sickness period. 

What should I do if I detect contaminations in my drinking water?

When you find out that something is wrong with the quality of your water, there are some steps you should follow and address the issue as soon as you can.

Here are the most important things you should do:

  1. Get your water tested: You can get your water tested by purchasing a kit or contacting your water provider. Announce them of the issues you have been experiencing and they will help you with testing the water and offering solutions to treat the possible contaminations.
  2. Once you found out what the problem is exactly, removing these impurities and preventing any damage they can cause to your health will be your a top priority. Luckily, there is a broad range of innovative and professional water filter systems designed by industry-leading that can help you efficiently to protect your health from these contaminants. Do some research and invest in a profession water filter system that checks all the boxes.
  3. Don’t forget to do the maintenance work periodically to ensure that the quality of your filtered water is still the same and is not compromised by an old filter media that should have been replaced by now.
  4. Enjoy pure, freshly filtered, contaminant-free water in your home!

Summary: Effects of water contaminations

Depending on the type and level of contamination or infection, we can talk about the short-term effect and long-term effect after exposure:


  • Short-term or immediate effect after exposure: Some water contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria can have an impact on your health immediately or shortly after you consume the contaminated water. 
  • Long-term effect after exposure: Other health-related water contaminants, such as fluoride or chlorine has a long-term effect on your health after exposure. This means that you won’t notice the impacts of these contaminations right after you contact them, instead, it will take some time until these chemicals will affect your health.


Final Thoughts

Drinking safe and contaminant-free water is key to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, as you could see discussed above, dangerous contaminants can sometimes occur in our drinking water without us even noticing. 

That’s why it is crucial to get your water tested and make sure that the water you use in your household has no negative effects on your health and the well-being of the members of your household.

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