Water filter cartridges maintain water filtration systems to perform effectively for a longer time period, however, one should always choose certified cartridges for effective performance of filters. Non-certified cartridges may look analogous to the certified ones in respect to shape and size, but the quality differs immensely. As a result, manufacturer’s suggestion will not be obeyed affecting and shortening the life of filters. It is necessary to ensure the safe use of cartridges by replacing them with the proper ones so that they may last longer.

Health conscious customers use different reliable brands to buy their filters and cartridges from to ensure healthy and pure water. They tend to follow the instructions in the guide, including replacing the cartridge at least once a year when the system reaches its rated capacity. It is essential to choose a replacement cartridge that perfectly matches your filter. Even the smallest dissimilarity in cartridge might result in water flowing around it rather than through it. The freaquency of cartridge changing depends on the water quality that you use. If there are more sediments and impurities in water that is filtered, you must replace it habitually especially when decline in performance of drop flow rate is observed.