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Top water filter bottles

You can think of water filter bottles as a reusable water bottle that cleans the water you choose to store in it, or as a portable water filter, which is a handy device created for travellers or for any active water drinker. However you choose to think about these mini water filters, one thing is certain: water filter bottles are the more environmentally friendly option compared to regular bottled water.

Top water filter bottles

Apart from being an eco-friendly option, the attributes of a good water filter bottle also include efficient protection against contaminants, portability, and durability. Keeping in mind these attributes, we have compiled a list of the top water filter bottles on the market:

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Clean water on the go with portable water filters

Whether it’s technology or simple things like food and water, portability has become a crucial element in our modern lives. We want our things to be with us at all times, but from all the things we actually need, water is certainly the most indispensable. But what if we can’t carry water with us to certain places and the water available in the places we travel to is not suitable for drinking? Water filter bottles were created with this in mind – to offer an all-encompassing solution to those who need to rely on outdoor waters to keep themselves hydrated.

portable water filter bottle

But how do these portable water filtration systems work? Each manufacturer and brand has its own method of effectively filtering water, but usually a water filtration system is fitted in the bottleneck or lid of these bottles and water is filtered either as it is consumed or when it is poured into the bottle.

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Why hydrated kids are happy kids

Kids need to stay hydrated to be healthy, especially in hot weather. Keeping your kids hydrated ensures they’re not only happy but active too. Kids tend to lose water easier than adults so keeping them hydrated is a must. Here are a few reasons why hydrated kids are happy kids.

water filter_drink more

Hydrated kids are more active

Keeping hydrated replaces any lost moisture. Not drinking enough fluids can cause fatigue and headaches so making sure children regularly drink fluids will help to keep them active. If kids are taking part in activities in the sun it’s very important to make sure they wear lightweight clothing and take regular sips of water or juice. Children should also be encouraged to drink fluids as soon as they feel thirsty in order to avoid over heating or dehydration. Making sure children don’t spend too much time in the sun will also help with avoiding dehydration.

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Pregnancy and pure filtered water, a time that calls for more water intake

From the moment a woman finds out that she is pregnant, her body has already began to change.  You of course want what is best for the little life growing inside of you, and doctors and health professional are quick to give nutrition advice.  While keeping your body hydrated is always a good idea, pregnancy is one of those times that the changes occurring in your body demand an increase in water intake. 

drinking water tap, pregnancy

Water is a very important part of pregnancy.  It keeps mommy and baby healthy overall, but can also provide comfort and help alleviate many side effects of pregnancy and help the body prepare for physiological changes.  You have been enjoying the many benefits of pure filtered water in your home, and now you are able to share it with your little one.  Water is essential to transporting essential nutrients through the blood to the umbilical cord providing the necessary nutrition and hydration to the baby.  A woman’s water intake aids in the production of the amniotic fluid.  Throughout pregnancy, a woman does have to urinate quite a bit due to the growing pressure on her bladder, and by doing so drinking enough water is essential to keeping your body hydrated.   Every hour the amniotic fluid replenishes itself and uses approximately a cup of water that your body is storing.  By keeping your body properly hydrated you are ensuring that the fetus growing inside of you is protected inside the womb. 

Dehydration in pregnant women can be a very serious issue.  Throughout pregnancy a woman’s blood volume increases, doubling by the third trimester.  With an increase in blood volume, your blood becomes thicker and making sure your body is getting enough water can help prevent hypertension and other cardiovascular issues.  If your body is in a state of dehydration it can also lead to contractions in the third trimester.  This is your body trying to tell you it needs help and a sign for you to drink more water if you are not quite ready for that due date.  Many premature births have been avoided simply by drinking enough water, or in extreme cases, IV fluids to rehydrate the mother’s body.  And don’t forget the changes in hormones that can affect the way the body stores water.  If your body senses that it might be going into a state of dehydration it will start retaining more water than your body needs, also called edema.  This may sound odd, but it can simply be fixed by consuming more clean and filtered water and keeping your body properly hydrated.

The benefits of consuming pure filtered water are indisputable, but there are even more benefits for women who are pregnant.   A fetus could possibly be sensitive to contaminants in unfiltered water , so the quality of water you choose to drink is important not only for your health, but for your little one. 

  • Healthier looking skin and less acne (you know that glow everyone talks about)
  • Can helps prevent the dreaded morning sickness and nausea throughout the day
  • Better bowel movements (as constipation can occur)
  • Can aid in prevention of urinary tract infections
  • Lesser chance for pre-term labor and early contractions
  • Can help keep you cool by regulating your body temperature
  • Relief of headaches, cramps, and dizziness

The benefits of drinking pure filtered water for mommy and baby are numerous and health professionals will agree.   Water intake is extremely important during the nine months you are carrying your little one, and after for nursing mothers.  So, order your home water filtration system online and grab a glass or carry a portable water filter bottle with you everywhere, and enjoy a healthy and hydrated pregnancy. 

Countertop, zero installation water filtration systems:

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PurePro CT2000


Take control of your water quality with a portable filtration bottle

You may never be 100% positive what is in that plastic bottle with the beautiful mountain spring, but with a portable water filter bottle you will never have to question the quality of your water ever again.  Water filtration bottles offer the latest and greatest water filtration technology to you on the go.  So, it is time to dispose of that disposable water bottle and make the switch.

brita water filter bottle

We are lucky to live in a country where clean water is accessible and safe for drinking, but it has been agreed that filtering this accessible water, offers better taste and is better for you.  Statistics show that the average disposable bottle of water costs 1.28 pounds and 40% of bottled water is just bottled tap water which leaves you, the consumer, unsure of its quality.  You enjoy the luxury of drinking pure filtered water in your home, why do you settle for who knows what is in that plastic bottle?  It is time to swallow the facts and dispose of that disposable water bottle and take control of your water quality.

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