Your kitchen is full of appliances.  Take just a moment and think, which one do you use the most on an everyday basis?  If you are like me and my family, it’s our sink.  The kids could be getting a glass of water, or I could be preparing and cooking one of our many meals with our friends and family.  

Give your kitchen the luxury you crave and the convenience you and your family need by installing a Franke Ariane ARX 661P Stainless Steel Inset Sink

Franke Ariane ARX 661P Stainless Steel water filter sink 

It’s beautiful and modern appearance will make it the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen.  It will add a stylish and functional character, that you were never aware your kitchen was capable of possessing.

The distinctive design of the Ariane inset sink offers you countless possibilities.  The convenience for preparing your fresh fruits and vegetables for a family dinner or holiday event is made easy with the unique drainer positioned to the left of your double sink.  And after your meal it can be conveniently used to dry all those dishes easily.  The counter space you can save during meal preparation and cleaning is amazing.  The functional layout of the double sink is versatile and can accommodate any task.  The ARX 661P is designed out of stainless steel that not only gives the appearance of pure luxury in your home, but is also easy to clean and maintain, and even with children can help conceal those little finger prints, making your home appear cleaner, without even trying.

The versatility and design of the Franke Ariane sink makes it lightweight and uniquely crafted to be extremely durable.  While offering a sleek and modern appearance it is stain resistant and because it is made from a single sheet of metal it is truly seamless.  That means there is nowhere for germs or bacteria to hide, providing you with a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen.  It is easy to clean and maintain the appearance of a stainless steel sink and even if it does happen to need some restoration it can be easily buffed with a soft towel or cloth and be looking shiny and new in no time.  It is conveniently designed to fit any standard sink space, making it an easy transition to give you the space you need to enjoy every minute in your kitchen. 

Adding the optional Franke Siphon Plumbing Kits, with any sink from is a smart investment.  It is convenient to store cleaning supplies under your sink and wouldn’t it be nice to maximize that space without having to work around the plumbing.  The Franke Siphon Plumbing Kits are the perfect addition to your beautiful new sink. Don’t forget to add this affordable package to your order with one convenient click on the check box. 


Add the Franke Ariane ARX 661P Stainless Steel Inset Sink to your home today and start enjoying all the luxuries and convenience it has to offer, so you can enjoy every moment in your kitchen.

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