Zerica, the Italian manufacturer of water machines, is recognised throughout the catering industry for its finesse, durability, and versatility. Dispensing chilled, sparkling or ambient water on demand, Zerica’s water bottle systems are a reliable choice at any event.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, festivals, weddings or any other similar gathering can benefit from a bottle filling system that will allow you to serve sparkling water or chilled water on demand at a significantly reduced cost.

These bottled water systems can be installed under counter or over the counter and can be used with a filter system that eliminates  water ingredients  that may alter the taste of the water produced, or interfere with the proper functioning of the machine. Compared to other brands, Zerica stands out through its experience, looking back on a history spanning almost nine decades. The company’s commitment to quality and excellence are noticeable in each and every product that bears its name.

Zerica Company Overview

Zerica is a family-owned business that was started by the Zerilli family back in 1931, when they manufactured their first water cooler. Their innovative spirit and focus on development led to the creation of the High Performance Direct Chill system that quickly became the world standard in water cooling technology.

Today, Zerica is a well-established brand whose modern production line allows custom-made designs for end clients. Their products are a top choice for those looking for reliable and highly durable bottled water systems, water machines, and water cooling systems.


Water Bottle System Features

Zerica’s water machines can double as a water chiller, water bottling system or sparkling water machine and use state-of-the-art technologies that meet even the most demanding needs. All systems are 100% manufactured in Italy with carefully selected components to ensure the best quality for all end users.

The most notable features of Zerica’s bottle filling systems include:

  • Digital Control: The general settings of the water machine, the water temperature, the automatic bottle filling setting, as well as the filter status check can be digitally controlled;
  • Direct Chill: Systems feature an ice tank in stainless steel with extractable refrigeration coil and carbonator for a constant supply of chilled water. The cooling system uses antibacterial copper. The High Performance Direct Chill technology allows water to cool in just 3 minutes;
  • Quality Components: Zerica uses only food contact certified components and rigorous assembly ensures zero contamination;
  • Easy Access:

    Unlike other water bottle systems, Zerica’s water machines have large easy access compartments to allow quick installation and access to filter cartridge and electrical components;  


  • Sahara Clima Technology:

    The unit operates perfectly even in external temperatures of up to 43

    ° C;

  • Silver Turbo Clean: To prevent bio-film formation, the silver turbo clean feature generates a water vortex. To prevent bacterial growth, the stainless steel cooling system is welded together with silver, which is known for its bacteriostatic properties;
  • Soda System: Zerica units can supply large quantities of , allowing you to adjust CO2 levels;
  • Instant Boiling:





    Filter System:


    Countertop or Under-Counter Installation: Water machines can be installed countertop or undercounter.


Whenever you need filtered ambient, chilled, sparkling water or even boiled water on-demand, Zerica has a solution for every need, whether for restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs or offices.


Best Water Machines For Chilled and Sparkling Water


If you’re looking for the best in terms of water cooling and bottling technology, here are a few models from Zerica that we absolutely love:


Zerica Tivoli Top 32 SS/PG Counter Top Chilled & Sparkling Water Machine


The Tivoli is a professional countertop water machine that supplies room temperature water, chilled water, and sparkling water. It features three separate nozzles for each type of water dispensed.

The unit allows you to digitally control the volume at which each nozzle dispenses water and offers system status information such as CO2 cylinder and filter replacement alerts. You can even set the system to automatically stop the supply of water when filter replacement was omitted, ensuring maximum safety.

Although a water filter system is not supplied with the unit, you can simply add one to eliminate scale and corrosion due to chemical disinfectants and sediments. The FT-Line VE filter is compatible with this countertop water chiller, and features two filters that reduce chlorine, sediments, and inhibit limescale formation.

Whether you want to use the Tivoli for water bottling or simply to dispense water at an event, this water machine will simply dazzle you with its versatility.


Zerica Refresh Bar 32 Counter Top Chilled & Sparkling Water Machine


The Refresh Bar 32 is another excellent water machine manufactured specifically for the catering industry. This versatile product features cutting-edge water cooling technology, embodying the characteristics of any Zerica product — excellence, performance and durability.

The water machine is compact and allows great flexibility in its installation: It can be mounted either over or under-counter and taps can be mounted on either side of the unit. It dispenses cold and sparkling water. The cabinet, the ice bank tank, the cold coil, the carbonator, and the ice drip tray are all in stainless steel.

To ensure chlorine-free, sediment-free and prevent damage from limescale build-up, you can add a water filter to your water bottling system. The Refresh Bar 32 is also compatible with the FT-Line VE Water Filter System, which uses a 5 micron filter to remove suspended particles and a activated carbon with silico-polyphosphates to remove chlorine and inhibit scale formation.

The water machine is suitable for vending use or use in the catering sector.


Zerica Refresh Bar 20 Under Counter Chilled & Sparkling Water Machine


This cold and sparkling water machine is designed for under-counter installation. It features cobra-style bar taps. The three taps dispense chilled, sparkling and ambient water.

A novelty of this model is that refrigerator coils are external to the tank and fully sealed, preventing mould or bio-film formation on the inside.

Just like with the other water machine models discussed above, the Refresh Bar 20 can be used with the FT-Line VE Water Filter or other inline water filters to tackle unwanted water ingredients and protect the machine from limescale build-up.


Why Add a Filter to Your Water Bottling System?

Water machines or bottle filling systems connected on a mains water line will offer a constant supply of water, however, it’s important to bear in mind that contaminants in tap water will transfer to the end product regardless of whether water is chilled or carbonated.

Chlorine is one of the ingredients in tap water that many are happy to be rid of, especially because of the smell and strange taste tap water acquires because of chlorine. Therefore, if you want your cooled or sparkling water to taste good, you have to get rid of chlorine.

A water filter that contains activated carbon can eliminate chlorine along with any off tastes and odours. Most water filters designed for vending use, water coolers, ice makers, etc. will contain activated carbon is some form or another.

Corrosion or clogging due to fine sediments are another issue that water dispensing and bottle filling equipment owners face. A filter can can handle these issues as well, preventing clogging or corrosion related downtime issues.

While chlorine and sediments can cause damage to your equipment and interfere with the quality of the water that is produced, limescale is perhaps the most common culprits behind energy inefficiency, unexpected breakdowns, system malfunctions, or clogging issues. Once it builds up in the inside of your water chiller, limescale is difficult to remove.

Limescale build-up is not only bad for your water chilling equipment, but it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, which could lead to a host of other problems.

So, as with most things, preventing the problem is the easiest way to deal with hard water problems. Water filters used in the catering sector are designed to inhibit limescale formation, and are often known as limescale inhibitors. Unlike water softeners that remove minerals causing water hardness, limescale inhibiting filters don’t remove these minerals, they merely alter their structure so they’re no longer able to stick to surfaces.

High-end water machines tend to be expensive, so any breakdowns or malfunctions caused by unwanted elements on water can pile upon the upkeep costs of these systems. Water filters are an affordable way to avoid these extra costs, and keep your equipment working at peak performance.

Even though some systems, like the ones manufactured by Zerica, can have some sort of self-cleaning mechanisms that may prevent bio-film formation, these won’t work against limescale, so a limescale inhibiting filter is a must.



Whether you’re looking for a water bottling system, a chilled water machine or a sparkling water machine, Zerica can offer multi-purpose water machines that will make it easier for you to supply water for various tastes and needs at any event. The experience, innovation and excellent product offerings of Zerica translate into quality products created to withstand the test of time.


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