Shower Filters – Worth It?

If you’re already using a countertop or undersink water filter, you’re probably well aware of the many benefits of filtered tap water. A shower filter can deliver the same benefits to your skin, hair, lungs, and general well-being.

Most of us are weary of drinking unfiltered tap water, yet take no issue with bathing in unfiltered water. Unfortunately, showering in chlorinated water is just as bad – or even worse – as drinking it.

If you’re not sure a shower filter is something worth buying, here are the best features of shower filters that recommend them as a perfect addition to any shower or bath:

Features of Shower Filters


Shower Filters Protect You From Harsh Chemicals


The same way a water filter limits or eliminates your exposure to harmful contaminants, the same can be said about shower filters as well. Filters for baths and showers are designed to target contaminants that threaten the skin microbiome or chemicals that, if inhaled, may affect the health of your lungs.

The warm water we bathe and shower in causes chemicals to vaporise and our pores to open, which makes it easier to absorb and inhale harmful chemicals. For this reason, it is believed that that we ingest more chlorine by showering in unfiltered water than by drinking it.


Shower Filters Are Easy To Install


Depending on their model, shower filters are connected either to the shower hose or they’re installed on the shower arm. It’s a procedure that only takes a few minutes, you don’t need any special tools or plumbing skills.


Shower Filters Use Multiple Filter Media


Whether designed with a replaceable cartridge or not, shower filters usually contain a blend of different filter media that targets a wider range of contaminants. Most commonly, filters for showers or baths contain granular activated carbon, which is excellent at removing chlorine, VOCs, and other chemical contaminants; active ceramic spheres, which can target bacteria, inhibit lime-scale formation, and target other chemicals commonly found in tap water.

The reason why most shower filters use granular filter media is to minimise water pressure drop issues.


They’re Easy To Replace


Just as other water filter systems need a filter change, so do shower filters need replacing. If your shower filter comes with a replaceable filter cartridge, you’ll only need to replace the cartridge.

Other shower filters, however, don’t have replaceable cartridges, so you’ll have to replace the entire filter. Replacing a shower filter is just as easy as installing one.


Long Service Life


Typically a shower filter will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, but advanced models can sport a service life of up to 12 months.


Several Models Available


Shower filters come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common types include:


  • Inline shower filters that are typically connected to the shower hose;
  • Filters that connect to the shower arm;
  • Handheld shower filters that replace your existing handheld shower head.


If you don’t like the idea of replacing of your existing handheld showerhead, we recommend using an inline shower filter. If own a vertical shower, a shower filter that connects to the shower arm is probably the best choice for you.


Is a Shower Filter Always Necessary?


If you have a home water filtration system that filters you entire water supply, a shower filter may not be necessary, unless your whole house water filter system is unable to remove certain chemicals that you want removed from your bathing water.

If this is the case, adding a  shower or bath filter can go a long way in protecting your skin, lungs, and hair from the harmful effects of chemicals.


Quick Overview of the Best Shower Filters at Water Filter Shop


PRO 6000 Shower Filter


Designed for chlorine removal, the Pro 6000 connects to the shower hose or shower arm, and features a replaceable filter cartridge.




  • Contains KDF 55 and antibacterial carbon;
  • Removes iron, arsenic, mercury, chlorine, sediments, bad odours;
  • Filter capacity: 30,000 litres;
  • Easy to install & replace.


Puricom Ivory GAC KDF Inline Shower Filter


The Puricom Ivory is a chlorine removal bath filter that contains coconut shell activated carbon and patented KDF copper-zinc alloy. The filter can be connected to the bath faucet, to the shower hose, or to a vertical shower arm.




  • Removes 99.99% of chlorine;
  • Reduces 98% of water soluble heavy metals;
  • Controls mold and mildew in your shower;
  • Produces water that is gentle even on skin with eczema or psoriasis;
  • Filter has to be replaced every 6 to 12 months.


Paragon Chrome Handheld Shower Filter with Massage Function


If you’re looking for a premium handheld shower filter, the Paragon handheld filter combines the pampering experience of a soft shower with a relaxing massage thanks to the massage function with 5 spray settings.




  • Shower head includes filter cartridge with KDF filter media;
  • Reduces chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, hydrogen sulphate, softens water, and inhibits bacterial growth;
  • Easy to install, no plumbings skills required;
  • Eliminates water odour issues;
  • Filter cartridge needs replacement every 12 months.


Paragon SHF-1 Shower Filter


This inline shower filter from Paragon connects to the shower hose and reduces chemical contaminants that have a harsh effect on your skin and hair. The filter contains KDF and a mix of proprietary filter media.




  • Chlorine reduction;
  • Heavy metals and hydrogen sulphate reduction;
  • Scale reduction and soap film build-up reduction;
  • 12 month filter lifetime;
  • Quick and easy installation.


All shower filters reduce water pressure to some extent, but most in most cases this reduction is only minimal, especially with shower filters that use granular filter media. If you own an electric shower, make sure to check whether the filter you want to buy is compatible with your shower.



Shower filters are an affordable way to get rid of water impurities and unhealthy water ingredients. They’re a worthwhile investment for anyone struggling with skin conditions or respiratory issues that might be exacerbated by bathing in chlorinated water. Filters for showers or baths are easy to install and replace.


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