Quick guide to choosing a shower filter

If you feel like your showering time is not the pampering experience you are expecting it to be, it may be high time to do something about the quality of your water supply. The best way to improve the quality of your water is to install whole house water filter system with contaminant removal and scale inhibiting effects. However, if you live in a rental and you move a lot, installing a whole house water filter system may not be a feasible choice for you. This is where a shower filter comes in handy.

shower filter

Shower filters are practical filtering devices that contain either granular activated carbon, ceramic spheres, KDF filter media or a combination of these and target three main types of tap water impurities – chlorine, scale and bacteria. How to tell if you need to install a shower filter and which shower filter is right for you?

Do you need a shower filter?

If you find that your skin or hair is dried out after you take a shower and skin irritations are a common occurrence after each shower, installing a shower filter can help alleviate these problems. The filter media contained by shower filters trap contaminants that are causing these problems. The result? Softer skin and hair, and a more pampering shower experience that you look forward to at the start or end of your day.

Shower filters are easy to install and replace. Depending on their type – handheld, inline or shower heads – shower filters are either attached to the shower hose or to the shower pipe. Shower filters remain efficient up to 6 or 9 months, depending on the type of filter media they use. Inline shower filters are usually replaceable in full at the end of their service life, while handheld and shower head type of filters have replaceable filter cartridges.

Best shower filter for your home

Finding the ideal shower filter for you depends on your particular needs. Do you have hard water problems? Does your water smell like chlorine? Does the water have microbiological problems? Depending on these parameters, you need to find a shower filter that checks off all these requirements.

One example of a shower filter that meets these requirements and more is the H2O Inline Shower Filter SHH-IL-CP, which also removes heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and a long list of other contaminants that are potentially harmful for your skin and overall health. If you’re looking for a handheld model, we recommend the Ecopure ECO-1 Handheld Shower Filter that removes chlorine, reduces scale and kills bacteria, offering protection against skin irritations and dryness.