Bottled water has a huge environmental impact and the wastefulness of packaging water cannot be emphasized enough. Plastic bottles used to package water take hundreds of years to bio-degrade and if incinerated, they produce toxic fumes. Landfills are overflowing with tons of plastic bottles, as recycling is not always feasible and not all plastic bottles can be recycled. According to some estimates, 3 litres of water are necessary to package 1 litre of water. In this context, seeking out an environmentally-friendlier option is a stringent matter. Tap water could be a worthy candidate to replace bottled water, but should you drink tap water? Is tap water safe? With more and more evidence to show that bottled water is no safer or healthier than tap water, switching to it seems like a good alternative.

tap water or water filter system

For long, tap water has been overlooked by consumers and bottled water was considered a superior choice. In contrast, tap water was disregarded either because of its taste or perceived lack of purity. Should you do away with bottled water and switch to tap?

When people are asked why they don’t drink tap water or why they prefer drinking bottled water instead, most people argue that bottled water is tastier. Indeed, tap water can have a rather peculiar taste either because of chlorine or other chemical disinfectants used to disinfect water or because of water hardness levels. Other people fear about the safety of tap water. With chlorine and, in some areas, fluoride in tap water, consumers are worried about their potentially harmful effects. Contrary to the common belief, bottled water can contain contaminants as well, and the plastic bottle that water is stored in isn’t completely safe either.

Both the issue of taste and safety with respect to tap water can be easily dealt with in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, through filtration. Domestic water filtration can improve the taste of tap water by removing the contaminants that cause tap water to taste bad. Water filters are also good at filtering out bacteria and other elements in tap water that can be cause for concern. Water filters are an economical and effective way to transition from the bottled water culture to drinking tap water again. Your tap water will taste good and will be much healthier than the bottled variety.

In terms of the water filter systems that you can install in your home, there are many options available for all filtration needs. You can buy counter-top or under-sink water filters to filter water at a single point of use (e.g. kitchen tap) or you can opt for a whole house water filter to have access to filtered water not only in your kitchen, but throughout your home. Reverse osmosis water filters, activated carbon filters, and UV water filters are the most commonly used filtration methods.