Since lime-scale deposits caused by hard water problems affect the majority of households in the United Kingdom, several different methods have been devised to prevent and inhibit the formation of lime-scale. Water softeners are the most widespread scale control method that operate by turning hard water into soft water. Lime-scale water filters prevent the formation of scale by altering its structure, while magnetic lime-scale inhibitors prevent the attachment of lime-scale crystals to heat exchange surfaces. The Scalemaster Magnetic Gold works on the same principle, and it’s designed for use in individual appliances as opposed to whole house water treatment applications.

limescale water filter

This review will highlight the advantages of using a limes-scale inhibiting device like the Scalemaster and how the magnetic field it generates is able to alter the structure of scale crystals and render them unable to attach to surfaces.

Advantages and features

  • Relies on magnetic field to cause the formation of needle-like aragonite crystals, which unlike normal calcite are less likely to stick to heat-exchange surfaces;
  • Suitable for individual applications like boilers or showers where water is not stored for later use;
  • Suitable for cold water applications, installed minimum of 1 m to a maximum of 2 metres before the application;
  • No power source is required;
  • No water is wasted and no chemicals are added to water;
  • WRAS approved;
  • Maximum operating pressure 8 bar.

How it works

Unlike regular salt-based water softener systems, lime-scale inhibitors like the Scalemaster make use of multiple magnets to create turbulent conditions as the water passes through, thus altering the shape and size of crystals formed so much so that they become unable to attach to surfaces. This effect is temporary, however, which means that this system is not ideal in cases where water is stored or in whole house water treatment.

Is the Scalemaster Magnetic Gold suitable for you?

If you need scale protection in a single application, this product can be an ideal choice. If you need scale protection for an entire home, at every faucet, you need to look into traditional salt water softeners or scale inhibiting filters that are both better suited to address the lime-scale prevention needs of an entire home. While magnetic scale inhibitors are a convenient and suitable solution for individual applications, their temporary effects make them a less effective choice for situations when water is stored for later use or for use in whole house scale prevention and treatment.