The Puricom ZIP Portable Alkaline Reverse Osmosis System is a unique countertop water filter that provides reverse osmosis filtration without requiring any installation. The Zero Installation filter is easily the best option for students or small families, or those who travel regularly and don’t want a water filter system installed on their tap. The Puricom ZIP portable RO filter system comes with several water filter cartridges that need replacing every 12 to 24 months.

Replacement water filters for Puricom

On you will find all the filter cartridges for Puricom ZIP that you may need including the 5 micron sediment filter, the activated carbon filter, the pH remineraliser post filter, and the Puricom ZIP Capsulated 75 GPD RO Membrane.

Our Puricom ZIP replacement filter packs are developed so that you can have everything you need at hand, at the required filter replacement intervals. Therefore, we have devised the following filter pack options for your convenience:

Puricom ZIP 12 Month Filter Pack – This filter pack includes the full set of filters that need to be replaced after 12 months of use, namely the PP 5 micron filter, the carbon filter, and the post filter. By purchasing the Puricom ZIP 12 month Filter Pack you can save money on individual filter cartridges and have all the filters you need in one place.

Puricom ZIP 24 Month Filter Pack – This filter pack contains two of each filters included in the Puricom ZIP 12 Month Filter Pack plus the 75 GPD RO membrane that has to be replaced every 24 months. The reverse osmosis membrane is essentially the heart of the Puricom ZIP system, and it is capable of removing and rejecting viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, excessive salts, and other contaminants.

Puricom ZIP Full Set of Replacement Filters – This replacement filter package includes one filter from each of the three filters that need to be replaced every 12 months and the 75 GPD RO membrane with a service life of 24 months. You also have the option to purchase the Puricom ZIP Capsulated 75 GPD RO Membrane separately.

Filter replacement is easy, simply twist off the old filters and twist on the new cartridges. The Puricom ZIP is equipped with a filter replacement indicator, which provides simple management of the filter condition. The system keeps track of cartridge replacement due dates and will let you know when it’s time to carry out the filter replacement.

Save money on replacement cartridges with the Puricom ZIP replacement filter packs, and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting filters.