Carbon filters are a popular filter media used in most water filter systems in domestic settings. Activated carbon is recognized as the most efficient taste and odour improvement filter media that operates through a process called adsorption to remove harmful chemicals and contaminants as water passes through the carbon filter bed.

activated carbon water filter

The Pure 2.5″ x 10″ Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter Dual Pack contains two carbon block filters that fit into standard 2.5″ x 10″ filter housings and deliver a high-performance filtration with minimal pressure drop. What are the best attributes of this carbon block filter and why should you consider it for your under-sink water filter system?

5-micron filtration with the power of coconut shell carbon

This NSF approved carbon block filter has a dual role – it removes sediments down to 5 microns and removes chemicals and contaminants that alter the taste and odour of tap water. Of all materials that can be used to create carbon filters, coconut shell carbon is recognised as the most efficient at removing contaminants. This filter cartridge contains 100% coconut shell carbon filter that has an outer polypropylene wrap that prevents the filter from clogging prematurely, thus extending the service life of the filter.

Coconut shell carbon filters are also known to confer tap water a slightly sweeter taste, improving its overall taste. Another advantage of this 5-micron carbon block filter is its compatibility with a wide range of under-sink water filter brands including Ametek, Culligan, Pentek, Whirpool and other non-proprietary filters as well, so you can have the desired filter efficiency, no matter the filter brand.

Whether you’re using this filter as a pre-filter or as a polishing filter in the last stages of your multi-stage water filter system, you can rest assured that odour and taste issues will be dealt with accordingly, flow drop will be insignificant and channelling will be non-existent.

Save money with the dual pack

Being a ubiquitous filter media, carbon block filters are one of the most affordable filter cartridges. Coconut shell filters tend to be on the pricier side of the spectrum, however, this filter pack is available on at the highly affordable price of £19.99. The filter has a service life of 3 to 6 months, depending on the quality of your tap water and filter usage. If your tap water is high in sediments and you use the filter regularly, the service life of the filter decreases as a result of these parameters.

Purchasing the dual pack will save you money on purchasing the filters separately and will make sure that you have an extra filter at hand when your next filter replacement.