As far as water filter taps go, 3-way kitchen taps are the by far the most practical and functional choice you can make. These triflow taps make under-sink water filter installation a more effective, hassle-free activity, and they make it possible for you to have three types of water – unfiltered cold water, filtered cold water and unfiltered hot water – from a single kitchen tap. There is also great variety in terms of design and finish, so there are endless possibilities to match your filter tap to your kitchen’s design.

Osmio Vitalia Chrome  3 way kitchen tap

Given that 3-way taps are far superior to classic filter taps that are installed separately from your existing tap, you would think that there are no downsides to owning a 3-way tap instead of a standard filter tap. Although the choice between the two ultimately boils down to personal preferences, we’ve created a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of 3-way kitchen taps, so you can decide where you stand on the 3-way tap vs standard water filter tap debate.

Pros of 3-way kitchen taps

Installing a 3-way kitchen tap with your under-sink water filter comes with the following advantages:

  • One-in-all solution. Triflow taps are essentially a combination of two distinct taps – a regular 2-way tap and a standard filter tap. 3-way taps are more practical and functional than the dual tap system, and most homeowners prefer them over standard filter taps.
  • Simpler installation. Triflow taps are installed in lieu of your existing kitchen tap, while classic water filter taps are installed in addition to it, which means you need to make an extra hole in your kitchen sink to fit in the standard filter tap. This may not be a feasible solution with expensive kitchen sink or kitchen sinks that are made from certain materials.
  • Aesthetic considerations. Some people dismiss the idea of having a dual tap system based on aesthetic considerations.

Cons of 3-way kitchen taps

There are a few downsides to owning a 3-way kitchen tap, here are the most notable ones:

  • 3-way taps are generally more expensive than standard filter models.
  • Lack of standardisation. Some 3-way kitchen taps will work only with certain filter brands, so you’ll need to search for a model that matches your under-sink water filter.
  • Elderly people or people with children may prefer to have two separate taps to avoid mixing up the levers for filtered and unfiltered water on a 3-way tap.


3-way taps are the more functional and practical alternative to standard filter taps, however, this convenience comes with a higher price tag. Sometimes water filter manufacturers will include a standard filter tap for free with their water filter, making the choice between the two taps a moot point for some.


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