Since 2011 ProPur has been manufacturing water purification systems with the aim to provide the means to obtain clean drinking water even with water sources of questionable quality. Minimizing contaminants and efficient filtration, even on the go, are ProPur’s two main objectives. Their gravity water filters are recognized internationally and used with success at home, while travelling or in emergency situations. The ProPur Scout is one of the latest creations of this innovative U.S.-based water filter manufacturer, and it was designed with efficiency and ultimate portability in mind.

gravity water filter propur

ProPur Scout features overview

  • Polished stainless steel upper and lower chamber for extra durability and easy cleaning;
  • Works with a single ProOne® G2.0 5″ SLIMLINE filter that has a service life of up to 6 months;
  • Spigot-free gravity water filter – simply pour unfiltered water into the upper container, wait for it to pass through the filter candle, take off the top container and pour out the contents of the bottom container into a cup or mug;
  • Storage capacity of 1.6 litre;
  • Can be used with virtually any source of water (lakes, rivers, rainwater, tap, etc.)
  • Small and compact design for extra portability (4.75″ x 14″ assembled, 7.75” X 4.75” compacted);
  • Doesn’t require electricity or direct connection to a water supply;
  • Specially designed for outdoor use, but equally efficient for tap water filtering and in emergency situations.

Filtration capabilities

The ProOne G2.0 5″ Slimline Filter was created with enhanced filtration capabilities in mind being able to reduce and remove fluoride, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides and a range of other harmful and health endangering contaminants and impurities.


In general, gravity water filters are used to filter outdoor sources of water, but they can be used just as well as a countertop water filter in your home, vacation home, college dorm, office and in any setting where filtered water is needed. The Scout model is also excellent for travelling, and it’s a good alternative to water filter bottles as well, offering a more in-depth filtration and higher volumes of filtered water.

Is this gravity water filter good for you?

The Scout model is intended primarily for individual use. If you need in-depth filtration and ultimate portability, then the Scout model can be a good solution, however, if you need more in the way of storage capacity, then Propur’s Traveller SS (6.6 litres capacity) and Big SS (10 litres capacity) may be a better fit for you, as they are designed for 1-2 person households, and 2-4 person households respectively.