Pentek is a brand of Pentair, a water filter and water filter accessories manufacturer based in the USA. Pentair’s brands and products are recognized by water treatment professionals and homeowners as reliable and efficient filters that meet the standards of the Water Quality Association and NSF International.

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The Pentek 57 LPM UVBB-120-2 UV Whole House Water Filter System is a water sanitising solution for those who draw their water from a well, lake or from other sources that may require treatment with ultraviolet lights in order to eradicate bacteria and viruses.


  • Chemical-free disinfection, no toxic substances are added to your tap water;
  • Chemical properties of water remain unchanged and there is no risk of overdosing on UV lights;
  • Easy installation and easy lamp changes;
  • 7nm wavelength (middle of the short-wave UV and UVC region) for efficient germicidal effect;
  • Safe and reliable system as no microorganisms are immune to UV lights;
  • Disinfection efficiency of up to 57 litres of water per minute;
  • Suitable for whole house water treatment.

Pre-filtration system

All UV water filters need a sediment pre-filter to make sure that suspended solids found in your tap water won’t shield bacteria from UV lights. This Pentek UV whole house water filter does not include a pre-filtration system; however, you can purchase one separately. We recommend using a 5-micron sediment filter.


UV water filters are compatible with reverse osmosis filter systems as well as other multi-stage whole house water filter systems. Given that UV water purification systems don’t deal with other water contaminants besides microorganisms, to remove chlorine, its by-products, VOCs and heavy metals from your water, you need to look into a water treatment system that includes activated carbon filters and activated ceramic filters.


The UV lamp contained in this system has a service life of up to 12 months. If you’re using the Pentek UV filter in conjunction with a sediment filter, you also need to replace the sediment filter, which may need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on the level of sediments in your water. If you’re using the Pentek filter with a reverse osmosis system or other whole house filter system, you need to change the filters at the recommended intervals.

The Pentek whole house UV water filter is a high capacity UV water sanitising unit that can produce microbiologically safe water at rates of up to 57 litres per minute, so you can have access to bacteria-free water at every tap in your home.


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