Water filter taps are designed for filtered water dispensing, and are installed next to your regular hot and cold water tap. Single-dispensing water filter taps come in a variety of finish options and styles, so you can match the design of the tap to the style of your kitchen and kitchen sink. The Osmio Robin Water Filter Tap Faucet is a premium quality stainless steel tap that is sure to be in the spotlight in any modern kitchen.

water filter taps

This Osmio filter tap is a pocket-friendly option for anyone looking for an elegant filter tap that is durable, easy to clean, and has a lovely matt chrome finish. The Robin model will perfectly complete any modern or minimalistic style kitchen.

Osmio Robin features

  • Durability: the stainless steel construction of the tap makes sure your tap will serve you years on end without problems. The matt chrome finish provides the tap a more elegant feel, making it the perfect addition to any modern office or home kitchen.
  • Metal-free filter tap: the tap is fitted with a food-grade pipe that delivers the filtered water. This makes sure that the metals from the tap don’t seep into your filtered water.
  • Durable disc-type ceramic valve;
  • Water is dispensed via a ¼ turn;
  • Elegant swan-neck tap design;
  • Compatibility with a wide range of under-sink water filter kits and systems.

Is this tap right for your needs?

If you are not keen on replacing your existing hot and cold water tap with a 3-way kitchen tap, installing a single-dispensing filter tap like the Robin is a more affordable alternative to 3-way taps. As the tap is installed separately from your ordinary tap, there is no risk of mixing up the two or filtered water becoming contaminated by entering into contact with unfiltered water. If, however, you would like an all-in-one solution, where you have filtered, hot and unfiltered cold water delivered via a single tap system, you should opt for a 3-way kitchen tap that is equipped with three separate handles for each type of water or one handle for filtered water and a mixer lever for hot and cold water. 3-way taps are generally more expensive than classic filtered water taps, however, they are preferred by some homeowners due to their functionality. Traditional filter taps are a more budget-friendly option, and in some situations, they can be a better fit than 3-way taps.

The choice between these two types of taps depends on your particular needs and budget.

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