Finding the best water filter is not always easy, especially with such a broad range of different products available on the market. That’s why it is highly important to first understand what kind of contamination you are dealing with in order to find the most suitable water treatment solution for your problem.

So far we have discussed the best ways to remove contaminants from your water, and we also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of many water filtrations systems.

In this review, we are going to cover everything you need to know about the outstanding Osmio Clarity Gravity water filter. 

Let’s see now all the things you need to know before purchasing this high-quality water purification system:

How does a Gravity Water Filter Work?

Gravity water filters are advanced water treatment systems that use the force of gravity to purify contaminated water. They feature a double chamber construction, where one chamber is placed on the other. 

The upper chamber has the filter cartridges where the unfiltered water enters to be purified. The lower chamber is the place where the water ends after being filtered. The freshly filtered water can be easily accessed by the small spigot installed to the side of the chamber. 

Gravity water filters have great filtration capabilities, they can efficiently remove viruses, bacteria, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants as well.

Being portable and capable of producing a high volume of filtered water, these types of filters are often used by emergency and disaster relief organizations activating in secluded or off-grid areas.

Things You Should Know about the Osmio Clarity Gravity Filter

Being a gravity-fed water filter, this Osmio filter relies on the best performing gravity water filter elements, the Coldstream Sentry filters. This high-quality professional filter is manufactured in the United Kingdom and it can easily serve a household of 4 people.

The housing of this purification system is made of borosilicate glass and mango wood stand and lid, giving the filter a beautiful look. So, in case you worry that having this filter in your home will ruin the appearance of your kitchen, there is no need to worry. Buying this Clarity Gravity filter from Osmio is not only a great choice for water purification, but it can also be a stylish and practical accessory to your home. 

One of the best features of this water treatment system is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. Ideally, you will only need to change the filters every 6 months, but of course this depends on the water quality as well.

Why Should You Install an Osmio Clarity Gravity Filter in Your Home?

To cover all questions, let’s see what are the most important features and benefits of this Osmio  water treatment solution:

  • High-performance filters

Looking at the large scale of water treatment products available on the market, the Coldstream Sentry filters are truly exceptional and extremely powerful water filters. These filters have industry-leading performance when it comes to reducing a large scale of contamination from water.  Made of unique high-performance ceramics, these filters are reliable water purification tools any household could be happy with.

They are able to filter out chemicals, heavy metals, plastic, hormones, pharmaceuticals, fluoride and a broad range of other contaminants too, existing in water.

The exceptional quality is guaranteed by the comprehensive filter testing and hi-tech manufacturing processes used by the producer. 

  • Glass housing for the perfect design

The first thing that catches the eye in case of this filter, is the remarkable, unique look. The beautifully designed glass housing was inspired by the fact that water should be kept in glass instead of plastic. 

The purpose of the glass element is to reduce contact with plastic as much as possible, and the Osmio water filter solves this challenge perfectly: this filter system provides the least plastic contact of any water treatment product available on the market today. 

Besides using silicone rubber gaskets for the stainless steel dispensing tap, this water filter by Osmio is absolutely plastic free.

  • Reusable filter candles

The gravity-fed Osmio Clarity filters are not just high-quality, they are also impressive when it comes to eco-friendliness. Relying on the power of gravity, they are easy to install, to maintain and they can so be easily reused. 

Filters are easy to fill by using a jug, also filter candles can be simply cleaned and reused. So instead of paying extra costs on the maintenance of your water filter, thanks to the thoughtful, eco-friendly design, you can actually save some money.

Knowing these benefits of installing a gravity-fed clarity Osmio filter, there is nothing else to do than get your water tested in order to find out what contaminants you should eliminate from your water. 

Without any further doubt, this gravity-fed water filter is a great water purification choice when it comes to fighting harmful contaminants in your water and it is also a stylish accessory to any household.

Keep in mind that this water purification system comes with the previously mentioned two high-quality Coldstream Sentry filters made in the UK, a 304 stainless steel dispensing tap and a mango wood stand and lid. 

Final Thoughts

The Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter is undoubtedly one of the best designed water treatment systems available on the market today. Besides the high-performance ceramics filters, the thoughtful design based on mango wood and glass also plays an important role in making this filter truly outstanding and practical. 

Also, we must not forget about the eco-friendly feature which is something we should definitely go for when choosing a water filter.

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