Chlorine and water hardness are the two most common elements affecting the quality of tap water. Getting rid of chlorine from your tap water can significantly improve its taste and odour, making tap water a much better alternative to bottled water. Lime-scale deposits are not only difficult to remove, but they are downright annoying especially if they start causing problems with your coffee maker or water heater. All these problems can now be handled with the help of a single filter cartridge, the Omnipure SCL10 Chlorine Filter With Scale Inhibitor.

Omnipure SCL10 Chlorine Water Filter With Scale Inhibitor 

This Omnipure water filter cartridge is granular activated carbon and polyphosphate 2″ x 10″ inline filter. This filter reduces not only chlorine, but also other chemicals used for disinfecting water and pesticides. The SCL10 inhibits scale formation, which makes it a highly appreciated filter in many areas with hard water.

Given that it’s an inline chlorine filter, it has various applications. You can use the Omnipure filter cartridge in undersink water filters as a standalone filter or as a complementary filter to other filtration systems (e.g. reverse osmosis systems), in ice machines, fridges, coolers or drinking fountains. The water produced by this filter will taste better and will be free of chlorine and lime-scale.

The 1/4″ female thread connectors and the various push fittings (straight, fixed elbow, swivel elbow) for 1/4″ tubing that come with the filter allow an easy fitting.

This filter cartridge is certified and tested by NSF International, and it is recognised for its high taste and odour reduction capabilities. Eliminating chlorine and other chemical disinfectants from your tap water will result in water that you will drink with pleasure knowing that it’s tasty and healthy.

The filter will last for 6 months or around 4732 litres and offer a flow rate of 1.9 LMP. After this period or when flow becomes too slow, it is advisable to replace the filter cartridge.

The Omnipure SCL10 Chlorine Filter With Scale Inhibitor is a cheap water filter cartridge with first class taste and odour reduction, chlorine removal and scale control. Choosing the SCL10 can help you get access to filtered water that is healthy and kind to your domestic appliances, helping you to avoid repair works or replacements brought about by the damage caused by scale deposits.

Whether you need a filter cartridge for your ice machine or fridge, this product will amaze you with its many applications, and high filtration capacity. Enjoy chlorine-free filtered water from you tap, water cooler or fridge, and forget about scale deposits on your kitchen equipment.