Guide to office water coolers in 2017

It’s common knowledge that office water coolers are often the perfect scene for a quick chit-chat between co-workers, who like to catch up with the latest office gossip or take a mini-break from the hustle and bustle of the day.

But a good office water cooler is more than just that – it offers employees a refreshing cup of water each time they need to quench their thirst, so they can stay hydrated and focused throughout the day.

Which is the best office water cooler and how should you go about choosing the perfect model for your office? Here’s a quick water cooler shopping guide that will help you make the best purchase decisions:

Choosing the best water cooler for your office

The best water cooler for your office is the one that perfectly complements the style of your office, delivers the functionality and the type of water you need without requiring too much in terms of maintenance.

By going over the following elements, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect water cooler for your office:


It’s important that you like the aesthetics of your water cooler, since it will be an important addition to the décor of your office. Modern water coolers come in many shapes, colours and designs from counter-top models, to under-sink water cooling systems and floor standing models.

Under-sink systems have the advantage of staying out of sight, while counter-top models are preferred in offices where a floor standing model would simply take up too much space.

Plumbed-in vs bottled office water coolers

Traditional water dispensers and water coolers have always worked the same way, i.e., they were equipped with a huge water bottled that was housed on top of the dispenser.

Modern water coolers have kept this feature, however, with most of them, you also have the option to attach the water cooler to your mains water supply, thus, eliminating the heavy-lifting that goes with replacing the water bottles.

Mains-fed water coolers also have the advantage of being environmentally friendly, by reducing plastic waste generated by water bottles.

But what about the quality of the water? If the water cooler is connected to the mains water supply, isn’t it just dispensing chilled tap water? Plumbed-in water coolers have an in-built filter system that filters your tap water, removing harmful contaminants, and delivering perfectly safe and tasty chilled water.

Water options

The hot and cold water dichotomy that we are used to can seem outdated to those expecting a little bit more from a water cooler system. Modern water coolers can deliver filtered ambient water, cold water, sparkling or hot water, so everyone’s drinking water tastes are met.

In the market for a quality water cooler for your office or medical practice? Here are our top picks for the best water coolers in the industry:

Top 10 office water coolers

The water coolers in this list were chosen based on their design, functionality and complexity, so you can end up with a water cooler that ranks high both in the looks department and in terms of functionality.

Columbia Water Dispenser FC-700 F S Counter Top Filter System

The Columbia FC-700 water cooler is a compact model that can be placed on the counter in the office kitchen. It has a minimalistic design, and it’s suitable for small to medium-sized offices.

The system can be mains-fed or bottle-fed, allowing you to easily switch between the two configurations.

The water dispenser delivers hot and chilled water with a twist: the in-built FC-700 F S Double Filter System (sediment filter + granular activated carbon filter) filters the main water supply removing chlorine, sediments, and bad taste and odours.

Borg and Overström DC798HA Elite Floor-Standing Water Cooler

If a floor-standing water cooler model sounds more like something up your alley, this Borg & Overström water cooler is a state-of-the-art water chilling system designed to dispense cold, hot and ambient water with the possibility to add a filter kit.

The system features a touchscreen thermostat allowing you to control the water temperature. This system can also be connected to the mains water supply, or, when this is not practical, you have the option to use it with a water bottle via the bottle conversion kit.

Columbia Water Dispenser FC-200 Counter Top ROP S

This counter-top model comes with a reverse osmosis filter system incorporated. The system can be mains-fed and dispenses hot and cold water.

The filter system contains a sediment filter, a granular activated filter, an 80 GPD RO membrane, and a detox bacteriostatic media to remove bacteria and chemicals that may be harmful for your health.

The special stainless steel exterior confers durability and protection from wear and tear.

Borg and Overström B4 Countertop Water Cooler

The Scandinavian Borg and Overström water cooler model oozes elegance and simplicity, all the while ranking high on usability and functionality. The counter-top model dispenses cold, hot and sparkling water.

The built-in thermostat can help you control the water temperature, which can be cooled to as low as 7°C or to as high as 90°C.

The Vorigo Installation Kit is an optional installation kit that contains a filter cartridge to filter your mains water supply.

Borg and Overström U1 Undercounter Chilled, Sparkling & Ambient Water System

If you want something that is truly out of the ordinary, the U1 under-counter water system will surely amaze you through its finesse and functionality.

The system has an easy-to-use control panel that sits at the base of the swan neck tap system, and includes a filter system as well as an under-sink chiller unit. The CO2 cylinder is not included and must be purchased separately.

This elegant and discreet model will nicely complement any modern office kitchen.

Borg and Overström DC798HS Elite Floor-standing Water Cooler

Dispensing hot, cold, and sparkling water, this floor-standing model is a feast for the eyes. This user-friendly model features an integrated cup dispenser, an auto-lit dispensing area, and an integrated thermostat, allowing you to choose the required water temperature.

The system can be both mains-fed and bottle-fed, whichever is more simple for you. You also have the option to add a filter kit to ensure that the water dispensed by the system is free of harmful contaminants.

Columbia Water Dispenser FC-700 Standing Filtration

This Columbia FC-700 is the floor-standing version of the FC-700 counter-top water dispenser. The water dispenser is designed to dispense high volumes of hot and cold water, and the FC-700 Double Filter System that comes standard with this model makes sure that your mains-fed dispenser delivers nothing both the best quality filtered water.

The system requires minimal servicing and can be used in any office, gym or medical practice.

Columbia Water Dispenser FC-2203 F Standing

If you’re looking for a budget friendly water dispenser that comes complete with a water systems ensuring high volumes of safe hot and cold water, this model can be a perfect choice for you.

It requires minimal servicing, and it’s perfect for offices, gyms, schools, and any other place where on-demand filtered and cooled water is desirable.

Borg & Overström B2 Water Cooler (floor-standing cold and ambient)

Available in three finish options – black, silver, and white – the B2 floor-standing water cooler delivers cold and ambient water, and can be bottle-fed or main-fed.

The thermostatic water temperature regulator, the stainless steel design, the choice of finish options, and various add-on options (filter system, cup dispenser, leak detector, wall fix system, waste kit, level sensor, etc.) make this model into a highly efficient and customizable water chilling solution.

 Borg & Overström B2 Water Cooler (counter-top cold and ambient)

This B2 model is the counter-top version of the above floor-standing B2 water cooler and comes with pretty much the same features.

The counter-top model will fit nicely on any kitchen counter, thus, saving you valuable space. The system has a quality stainless steel build for extra durability and you have the option to customize it to your exact requirements via the various add-ons available from Borg & Overström.

If you choose to attach it to your mains water supply, you can add the Vortigo installation kit, which contains a filter cartridge responsible for filtering the water that passes through the system

Water cooler maintenance tips

When it comes to servicing, some water coolers may need more maintenance than others. Bottle-fed versions need regular replacement of the water storage bottles once they become empty, whereas mains-fed systems need regular filter replacement.

However, commercial filter systems are designed to last months and sometimes even a couple of years before they need replacing.

It’s also important the maintain the system bacteria-free to avoid any contamination issues. To this end, there are specially designed sanitising kits that you can purchase together with your water cooler, and observe the sanitation instructions laid down by the manufacturer.

Water coolers are useful additions to any office, and there is no employee who wouldn’t appreciate the benefits of a high-class water cooler that can dispense a variety of drinking water options.

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