Thinking about health, the first thing that comes to the mind is having immediate access to clear drinking water. Many of us take clear drinking water for granted, but actually you cannot always be sure about the quality of the water you drink day by day. Luckily, getting a professional water filter installed in your home can easily help you to remove contaminants from your water. 

Although, to know what kind of water filter you need, the best decision is to simply test your water. Good news, even if you find yourself dealing with contaminated water, there is no need to panic. 

Thanks to the many available professionally developed water filter systems on the market, there are a broad range of options you can choose from. Finding the best solution starts with picking the right water treatment system. The next step is to learn how to maintain it in order to never run out of safe-to-drink, purified water. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the viewpoints and benefits of installing a water filter in your home, then we are going to list some questions you should ask yourself before investing in a professional water purification system.

Why Do I Need a Water Filter?

In case you have always been drinking water from your kitchen tap or simply from the bottle, you might have some questions regarding the necessity of having a water filter system in your home. Is it going to improve the quality of your water? Is it going to remove all the bacteria and contamination existing in your water? Is it worth it?

No doubt, there are some reasonable questions one might raise when it comes to switching to filtered water. But here are some reasons why installing a professional water filter is a much more better choice than drinking bottled or unfiltered water:

  • Eliminate contamination

By installing a water filter in your home the fear of consuming contaminated water is no longer an issue! Whether you have already detected contamination in your water or you are just simply worried about the quality of the water, with the right kind of purification system you can be sure that you and your family have immediate access to clear and safe-to-drink water anytime of the day. 

  • Easy access and maintenance

Modern water filtration systems guarantee immediate and easy access to potable water. As most of the filters are easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain, you can instantly enjoy the freshly filtered tap water in the comfort of your home or even at your workplace. Some water filters don’t even require the expertise of a professional plumber, you can do the installation and maintenance work yourself!

  • Eco-friendly 

Forget the plastic bottles and the struggle that comes with drinking bottled water! Do you want to reduce your plastic waste? Start with switching to filtered tap water! Just think about the huge amount of plastic pollution produced worldwide. Don’t be part of the chain, it’s time to make a healthy choice!

  • Affordable price

You might think that purchasing a water filter system is pricey. Well, if you do the long-term math, you can easily realize that this is a misconception. Thanks to the many products available on the market, you can find impressive quality filters for a really good price! And as I have mentioned before, most of them are easy-to-install, so you won’t need to pay expensive fees to a plumber, because you can install your water filter system yourself!

What Kind of Water Filter Do I Need?

When you come across this question, the first thing you should consider is the reason why you need a water filter. To know exactly which is the best water filter system for your problem, you should completely understand the problem you are dealing with first. 

This means that before choosing a specific type of water treatment solution, you should find the answers to some very important questions. 

Here’s a checklist of 5 things you should think about before investing in any water filter system:

  • Identify the purpose

The first step to understanding what kind of filter system you need is to identify the reason why you need filtered water. Do you want freshly cleaned water in your kitchen, in your shower, in your whole house or at your office place? The other question you should answer is how many people are living in your household or working in your office? What are the consumption  demands?

  • Identify the problem

The second thing you have to do is to determine the problem you are dealing with. The best and quickest solution is to get your water tested. This way you can easily reveal the contaminants existing in your water, so you can finally start searching for the right filter that will be the best choice for the job.

  • Research

Doing your research is crucial when it comes to water filter systems. No doubt, there are  a lot of products on the market, that’s why you should narrow the circle by answering the previously discussed questions. Another good trick is to read the reviews carefully, they can provide a valuable insight to the quality and performance of the unit you have in mind to purchase.

  • Evaluate the costs

What is the final cost of the investment? To get a clear picture on the true cost of a water filter, evaluate the purchase price and the annual filter cartridge replacement costs as well. The investment price and the maintenance cost together (don’t forget about the installation cost) will show you the real price of your purchase. To lower your expenses, especially the plumbing fee, try to choose a filter with DIY installation and easy maintenance. 

  •  Analyse filter replacement availability

Make sure that after purchasing your water filter system, you will be able to find filter cartridges and spare parts for it in the future. Invest in a water filter that is produced by a reputable brand in order to avoid compatibility and discontinuance issues. You can also choose a customisable non-proprietary unit, but the best decision is to go for a well-known brand that guarantees quality and support.


As you could see, getting a professional water filter system installed requires some thinking and research in order to find the very best option you are looking for. There are a lot of benefits of drinking filtered water, but there are some important questions you should also answer before investing in a water treatment system. 

In case you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, here at our water filter experts are eager to help you with any product related advice!