Win the war against hard water, with the new generation of liquid water softeners by your side. Water softeners work to effectively remove the chemicals, minerals, and other residual byproducts that are often found in hard water. So just why is hard water a bad thing? And what are the benefits of liquid water softeners?

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To truly understand why soft is the better choice for your water, it’s important to learn a bit more about what makes water “hard.” Water is considered to be hard when it has high levels of minerals. The minerals could include dolomite, chalk, limestone, and others with a similar makeup. While hard water is not considered to pose any ill effects on your health, there are some good reasons for you to consider limiting its reach and impact in your home.

When last did you look inside of your kettle? Odds are good that if you have hard water, you’ll see a very noticeable limescale buildup inside of it. This buildup can cause your kettle to function at less than optimum levels, and can ultimately lead to it breaking. Your coffee machine, and other appliances that use water are going to have similar concerns with limescale.


Control the hardness of your water, with the addition of liquid water softeners that work in conjunction with your water filtration system. From small pouches that install in a snap to give you filtered softened drinking water in the kitchen, to whole home systems that can assure you of a better bath, cleaner clothes, and so much more. There is a solution to fit every home and every situation.

The liquid solution is made with 100% safe food-grade polyphosphates that have been classified specifically for the treatment of drinking water. The liquid water softener is injected directly into the water, with the goal of preventing the formation of limescale. It also has the benefit of helping to prevent corrosion of your heating elements and your plumbing system.

Considered to be the intelligent solution to softening your hard water, liquid water softeners are also an eco-friendly option that you can truly appreciate. There are a number of benefits to liquid water softeners over other options available on the market.

They are 100% non-corrosive. This means that the water you get from your taps is not only safe for your plumbing system, but is also safe for the heating elements in your kettle, coffee maker, and other small appliances.

We are all concerned about the costs associated with any addition to our homes. The reality is that liquid water softeners are not just comparable in terms of cost to other types of softening systems, but there are additional costs savings to be found. There’s no need for flushing or backwashing, as is often required with other systems; this can result in a massive savings of water. Homeowners will also see improved functionality in appliances around the home, and also see a lowering in utility bills as appliances no longer need to work twice as hard.

With your kettle performing at maximum potential, your clothing feeling softer, and those baths just a little bit more luxurious, you’ll find that the next generation of liquid water softeners is just the contemporary upgrade that you are looking for.