The experts at the Water Filter Shop UK want you to feel confident that the water you and your family drink is not only safe, but great tasting. With a Watts Kwik-Change™ Reverse Osmosis System you will have an easy to use system that will provide your family with a refreshing glass of water every time. A RO system is effective at cleansing your drinking water of harmful contaminants, organisms and minerals, found in regular tap water, by having them pass through four stages of filtration before it even touches your glass.

“Kwik” and Easy water filter system

Many conventional RO systems provide high quality water, but most are very difficult to change the cartridges or membranes because it is housed internally and require the system to be shut off, the water drained and then removed. This sounds like a hassle, just to get the quality of water you desire. With the Kwik, enjoying pure filtered water is easy, and there is no mess or fuss. With the fastest changeable cartridge available on the market, it is as simple as a ¼ turn movement to disconnect or connect without any leaks or spills. However, we do suggest placing a towel down, just in case any water left in the cartridge drips when you are changing. This system is not only easy to work, but also conveniently fits under your sink, where it can connect to your water source.

After it is properly installed, before the water even comes out of the fashionable chrome designer air gap faucet that is included, it undergoes a four stage filtration process. The entire filtration process takes place within the Kwik system. This is how it works:

Stage 1 / 5 Micron Filter: In this stage all dirt, rust and organic materials are removed. This ensures that your water is clean and the taste is not affected.

Stage 2 / 5 Micron Carbon Block Filer: During this stage, chlorine, fluoride, and other liquid substances are removed, that can negatively affect the odor and taste.

Stage 3 / RO Membrane: This is truly the heart of the system. The water now passes through a semi-permeable membrane that is effective at removing sodium, solid substances, and minerals. Also during this stage microorganisms and bacteria causing agents are eliminated.

Stage 4 / Granular Activated Carbon Filter: This step takes place after the water has been in the storage tank. This system comes with a 3 gallon storage tank. This step serves as a polishing filter ensuring that you get odor free, clear, great tasting water.  

To keep your RO system in top shape we recommend that you test and change your RO membranes about every three to four years. The membrane longevity will depend on the hardness of the water where you live and how often you use your system.

If you are ready to make a “Kwik” and easy change to enjoy all the benefits RO water has to offer, choose the Watts KWIK Change Reverse Osmosis System. It is tested and certified by the Water Quality Association to their Gold Seal Award standard. Enjoy only the best water in your home!