Without any doubt, 3-way kitchen taps or tri-flow kitchen taps are a novel and innovative approach to water filter taps. They offer the user a simple solution to get immediate access to filtered water straight from a single tap system. 

Before buying a 3-way kitchen tap there are some essential questions you should find the answers for. First you need to understand how these types of tap filters work exactly. 

In order to assure yourself that you are going to make a good decision, you should also know about the advantages and disadvantages of tri-flow kitchen taps. 

Fortunately, in this article we are going to cover all these subjects, also we are going to discuss the 3 most important things you should consider before buying a 3-way kitchen tap. 

How does a 3-way kitchen tap work?

To fully understand how a tri-flow kitchen tap works, first let’s talk about standard single-dispensing water filter taps. Previously these filter taps were the norm and they would be installed in addition to your regular tap. 

A big disadvantage of these filters was that they would serve for dispensing filtered water only and getting one installed also meant drilling another hole in your kitchen sink.

In comparison, having a 3-way kitchen filter tap installed in your home will allow you to draw unfiltered water and filtered water from a single tap system. They will replace your current tap,  combining the various functions of two different kitchen taps: a regular tap and a standard filtered tap. 

Water filter customers can find different models available on the market. Many of these filter taps feature different functionalities, but the purpose is the same in every case: providing filtered and unfiltered water by using the same tap system. 

Regarding the design, many of them come with two handles (separate handles for mixed water and filtered water, but some feature three handles ( a separate handle for each type of water). 

The unmatched functionality and high efficiency provided by the combination of two different taps makes these kitchen filter taps a highly popular choice. 

The advantages and disadvantages of tri-flow kitchen taps

Each product on the market has its advantages of disadvantages you should know about before making a purchase. Of course, in many cases, the cons are too small and truly meaningless compared to the pros. However in order to get a clear picture on the product you choose to buy, you should take into consideration each viewpoint and feature.

The advantages 

Getting a 3-way kitchen tap installed in your home comes with the following advantages:

  • One-in-all: As we have mentioned before, tri-flow filter taps are a combination of two distinct taps: a regular 2-way tap and a standard filter tap. Compared to the regular dual tap system, 3-way taps are more efficient and practical. 
  • Easy installation: Regular water filter taps are installed in addition to your existing water tap, which includes making an extra hole in your kitchen sink. Luckily, this is not the case when it comes to installing a tri-flow tap filter. They are installed in lieu of your existing tap and most of the time they can be installed DIY without needing any professional help.
  • Aesthetic design: 3 way kitchen taps don’t require having a dual tap or making an extra hole in your kitchen sink as they use the same tap system to provide filtered and unfiltered water. 

The disadvantages 

Regarding to the disadvantages, here are some you should know about before purchasing a tri-flow filter tap:

  • Lack of compatibility and standardisation: In order to make sure that you can upgrade your filter in the future, look for a compatible one. Unfortunately, some kitchen taps only work with certain filter brands. The best thing to do is to choose a model that is highly compatible or matches your under-sink water filter.
  • The price: Looking at the prices it is easy to notice that 3-way kitchen taps cost more than standard filter models. However, they are innovative and a better alternative to standard models. Also if you look at the advantages these taps can offer, you might come to the conclusion that they are worth the extra money.
  • Mixing up: Since there is only one tap, for some people, especially for children and elderly people, it might be confusing to use a 3-way tap. Usually they prefer the regular two-tap system, so they won’t mix up the levels for filtered and unfiltered water. However, getting used to a tri-flow tap filter takes only time and patience, so you might not want to consider this point as a serious downside. 

Top 3 things to consider before buying

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages listed above, when it comes to investing in a professional 3-way kitchen tap, there are some other things too you should take into consideration:

Read the reviews

Doing some research on water filtration methods and systems might seem time consuming, but one thing is sure, it is absolutely worth it! 

These customer reviews can help you find the most suitable filter tap, because they offer an insight into the experiences previous buyers had. By reading these reviews you can get a clear picture on which products are the most popular, how satisfied customers are with their purchase and which are the models you should avoid buying.

Choose an easy-to-install filter tap

Easy installation is always a feature you should go for, especially in case of tri-flow kitchen taps. 3-way kitchen taps are modern alternatives to single-dispensing filter taps, so obviously the key is to get your filter tap installed without any struggle.

When choosing your filter tap, look for DIY installation filter taps or taps that come with free installation. 

Compatibility is key

Tri-flow kitchen taps feature different designs. While some models come with a filter cartridge responsible for filtering your water, others are compatible with any under-sink system. 

In order to have the option to upgrade to a different under-sink system in the future, compatibility is what you should be looking for!


Final thoughts

Whether you decide to buy a 3-way kitchen tap or not, looking at the advantages and disadvantages is a smart thing to do in order to get the whole picture. 

Also, reading the reviews based on the other customer’s experiences and taking into consideration some things like compatibility and easy installation is also part of the process of finding the right water filter system you need in your household.